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1 minute ago, Strafe said:

My PS5 has downloaded the PS4 version of OW2. I can’t for the life of me work out how to download the PS5 one.


Can anyone help? 

Apparently the PS5 version doesn’t go live for download until 7pm.


Please understand 

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Not at all, it’s all very logical.

If you already own the previous game you can update now, though it will be a last gen version (for PlayStation at least).


Current gen should be going live for download right now (if you own the previous game)


If you didn’t own the previous game then you can download it at 8pm.


The switch version doesn’t have any of these cross gen issues obviously but I’m willing to bet it will have plenty of issues of its own!!


12 minutes ago, wev said:

It's a bit of a confusing mess just accessing the game right now, isnt it?


Maybe actually.

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Playstation: Downloading the update from OW1 updates the OW1 to OW2 (PS4 version)


You can find the PS5 client as a separate download on the PS Store (I had to use the app and scroll down a fair bit, past a load of other games).


The Series X/S version is on the Microsoft store now.


This is all very simple!

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Managed to get into 1 game before being booted out whilst in the practice range in the second one. Played a game of escort using Sojourn. Got battered for the first half until the two support players seemingly discovered their secondary fire and started healing people. Got 6 or 7 elims which was joint 1st on my team. We lost, obviously. 


From what I could tell with a brief check my accounts have merged and I was able to access skins I’d unlocked on my Switch playing on PS5.


I thought anyone who already owned OW1 got a founders pack which gave instant access to Kiriko but she wasn’t unlocked for me. Maybe I have to open up the founders pack somewhere.



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Anyone know how achievements/trophies will work with cross progression? eg: if I unlock the trophy for getting to level 25 on the battlepass does that mean I’d unlock the same criteria Xbox achievement when I put that version on?

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