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Had a brilliant but frustrating night on this.
Organised a big private lobby evening, had ~15-18 people joining (all friends we do things like this every Friday).
We had people on different formats, about 60% xbox, 20% PC, 20% PS4/5 
Some people had never played before and went through the "new player experience" as it told them to, so we set up the private lobby and got everyone in, instructed all to go open mic, open the social menu and set group chat to match instead of team.
About half the people couldnt talk in the lobby chat with a message telling them to "complete the new player experience" so they could use voice coms.
Some that had done the tutorial and played no games could talk, some that had played several games already couldnt. Others completely new and  had done nothing could talk.
We all just joined an xbox party in the end and the games themselves were brilliant fun but in game chat was a nightmare.

Also does anyone know how to let people move themselves around teams/spectate etc, it was a pain as host to do every move manually myself.

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Isn’t support in OW historically hard to level up in? I’m sure that in matches I’d played and won in Mercy with decentish heals I always got scraps for SR rewards


Gonna pull the trigger this morning and see if I can get on, pray for me 🙏 

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I got on (PC) without any queue this morning so good luck!


And not sure about the support comment, all I really know is that support is my most beloved role to play but the one I always rank worse in which really is sucky. I get gold tank, gold/silv dmg, typically end up top silver/low gold mmr for support but always end up dropping MMR and ending up low silv.

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2 hours ago, ThePinkNinja said:

so, after my first ranking in support I've just hit 7 wins in maybe 10 more competitive games. It's left me at bronze 5.


It shouldn't annoy me as all I really want is silver or gold, but it really bloody does.


I got ten out of ten wins for dps. Bronze 5 too.

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16 minutes ago, Mafro said:

God knows what they did during last night's downtime before they fucked off for the weekend,  but I haven't been able to play at all today, keep getting error LC-208 which I never had before.

Me too. It's all over the blizz forums. Can see my friends playing though via friend list. 

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