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Finally got some time to play Comp and got placed Silver 2 Support. Starting to get a few decent games in with Kiriko. Still hit and miss, but when you have a good game with her it’s great fun. Must remember to remap her jump though. 

Also managed the Photozomb challenge after half a dozen failed attempts following the Eurogamer guide. You really have to be in the frame during her close-up and not just during the cutscene as EG suggest. 

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I mean, it's clearly not a sequel. I don't know what that 2's doing on the end of it, it's just a free to play shift.


Eh, I'm enjoying it in a mindless, passionless sense. It's the same as it ever was, with less rewards for playing and ridiculous costume / bundle prices. Feeling obligated to grind out a battle pass is something I expect will wear most players into the ground if they spring for it.


Halo Infinite had problems (mainly content related, the game itself is great), but battle passes you could complete at your own leisure off season certainly wasn't one of them.

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Had a few games last night. They shoudv left this dead and buried. The chance of having one or more semi competent team mate is 0.00001 percent I have calculated. 


Also tanks are way too tanky. Rein seems to live forever with a nearby mercy. 


At least on cod you can just have some fun solo games on multiplayer and actually contribute to the team winning. Even if you have a team of six totally selfish individuals, you can win. 

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I think the tanks are really well done. They really feel like they can take a punch now but you can still murder them if they stray too far out of position. Except for Zarya but she's being nerfed so.

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Lines that get spammed:


’catchphrase’ Rein

’yay’ Mei

’Wabulance’ Mercy

’Boop’ Sombra


Any others? My favourite line is Ashe ‘Burn it all down’, as I usually say it myself everyday when I l’m listening to the news.

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Lines I like to use at setup:


Rein: "Beer!"


Junkrate: "Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock!"


Soldier 76: "Young punks, get off my lawn!"


Brigitte: "What do you think you're doing?"


Zenyatta: "Hello World"


DVA: I don't spam DVA because it would annoy the shit out of me too. EDIT: okay sometimes I spam "I'm not scared".

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Moira’s “You’re mistaken” fits every situation. Reply to someone else’s voice line, retort to a foolish opponent, a team members messing up their Ult.


Bap’s “You want a bandage for that?” is also great.


One I hate is Lucio’s “Wooo!! Jackpot”.

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