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Overwatch 2 - Now live, F2P - PC, Playstation, Xbox & Switch


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44 minutes ago, Mr Ben said:

Just had to pop out and now having food quick, and will be back on. Bloody good fun this, even when we lose/get trounced.


It's nice to know you still sound Welsh as FUCK.

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This is exceptional. It's the first game this year that I've not stopped occasionally to look at my phone.  And I can count the number on online shooters I've loved on one hand. 


Enjoying flipping between Mercy, D.Va and Tracer as the situation demands, although I think I often pick the latter just because I enjoy her voice samples, so I do me ol' mucker. 

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Oh god it's good to be back on this!


Current favourite is playing Tracer and warping behind Reinharts / Bastions to cause chaos.


Also just won a defend game as Lucio, didn't die once, attackers didn't even get the first objective and I got play of the game. 


Im up for some Rllmuk games (on PC) but I wont have voice comms at the moment 

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Think I've added any of the Xbox players. Hopefully we can get a party going over the next few nights. Just be gentle, I'm still learning!! (Feels like I'll be saying that for quite a while with this game)

Gamertag : Banjaxed 

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25 minutes ago, bradigorTEMP said:

Sorry Xbox crew had to jump out to sort some bits indoors. 


How'd you like that healing support though? ;)


Also, couldn't hear any chatter at all in my headset, despite the indicators coming up that people were talking. 

Weird, could hear you occasionally, just assumed you were too busy irl to talk.


Some exciting games tonight, but I didn't play the beta and I have absolutely no clue what's going on 99% of the time. Seems easy to rack up kills and double kills so lots of fun. Watching the tank characters battling is pretty amazing too, and the maps look lovely! 


Thanks all for the games, send an invite any evening and I'll probably jump on.

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