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Overwatch 2 - Now live, F2P - PC, Playstation, Xbox & Switch


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I'm Balir#1792 on PC, I've added everyone upthread so far. Currently I'm frantically counting down the hours until I leave work to collect my daughter from school and "work from home" for the rest of the afternoon :D Right now I'm strangely drawn to playing Mercy first, I guess it's my inner / long repressed WoW healer coming back out to play again.

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had a couple of matches before, very polished and lovely art direction, got a 35 kill streak and got the play of the match thing.


The amount of characters is overwhelming, in a good way and tried a couple and loved them both, I think I read its about switching them up all the time after death for whats needed to win.


so far so good.

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AgentOfAldi#2572 - on PC


I just spent a whilst playing AI bot matches just to get a feel for the characters and maps. It's very much a faster TF2 to me, especially the payload maps. And that's very much a good thing. It's all a bit overwhelming with special abilities going off left, right and centre, forgetting what ones I have. And I'm so used to using left Shift to sprint I keep using that ability all over the place.


Once I've had a go with a few more chars and maps I'll go online, as I'm sure it's total chaos in pubs. Teamwork? What's that?

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