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Overwatch - Overwatch 2 announced, adds PvE mode

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I've not come across anything like that.  To be honest I adapted pretty quick to the keyboard...plus it allows you to play other PC games that are better with on. I've finally got around to some Civ 6 because of it.

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On 8/14/2017 at 09:29, Benny said:

Playing it on pad on PC is probably a surefire ticket to frustration, especially if you're not normally an FPS player. Get PS4 version and join team too many Symmetras.


Pad on PC will just get you destroyed. Even picking characters not requiring much aiming like Sym will get you destroyed, since you sometimes need to stick them turrets down with precision while running the fuck away.


There aren't too many Symmetras on team too many Symmetras anymore :P

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19 hours ago, palaver said:

I'm pretty sure the only way to avoid Doomfist's bullshit punch is to be on a completely different map altogether.


This is what I thought, and then I flung a shield up in front of him before he did it. He was dead seconds later by microwave poisoning.

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Here's the new map. Personally it doesn't excite me a bit, although a new map is always good. I just really dislike this boring cliche theme and colour palette. Haven't we played enough brown rusty shanty towns in games to last a lifetime? One of the reasons I like Overwatch is its colourful interesting style and this just is meh to me.




But never mind that, big news for Dva, which is way more exciting: mechagodzilla Dva incoming, woo!



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Mei is is so cute in that short.


Talking about foul play, I've been getting narked off with teabaggers lately. Every frikkin game you have someone teabagging you and it winds me up even though it shouldn't. I think it's cos I am irrated that people think they're so great for killing you in easy ways, like beating you with a direct counter. Or people getting revenge then teabagging, like say a genji taking out a sniper who has been sniping him, or a support who has been getting killed by an annoying Tracer. I guess its the lack of respect that irks me, when I get snipped, or hounded by a Tracer as support, or whatever, then yes it can be annoying but that's their job. Anas who teabag you every time they land a sleep, I'd actually respect the skill if they didn't teabag every time. Tracers dodging your Meteor strike and then killing you in the fray afterwards, well done Tracer, you have the best abilities to avoid it and you did, clap clap.


I think this attitude just reflects the general shitty atmosphere that surrounds the game in general and the main reason I don't play comp any more. I'm just sick of all these kids (and adults who should know better) who often turn what should be something fun into a showcase of petulance. Well, if you can't beat them, join them. Now if someone teabag me I take great pleasure in teabagging them whenever they die, and if someone has been particularly annoying in hunting me down and teabagging me, I switch hero and do the same to them, which has led to quite a few rage quits. Oh, so you like to teabag people but can't handle it yourself, boo hoo! 


Obviously this sounds a lot more dramatic than it is in reality, its not ruining the game or anything, but its so prevelant now it has got on my tits a bit for a game I mainly play to wind down, a lot of the time I just end up getting annoyed with the twonks that frequent every game.


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