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Mansions of Madness 2nd Edition


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I downloaded the app to take a look- gave it a short spin, it felt just like playing a videogame. Not sure how that would go down at the local club, I may need to play outside of it. How do you guys play it- one person reading everything out loud, listening to the phone/tablet but one person being in charge, or projected where everyone can read it?

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4 hours ago, sdmilne said:

How much studying of the rule book do you actually need before your first play?  Does the app remove much of the need for really close study like you need with many games?


We played our first game last night. There's a set up page at the start of the 'how to play' booklet. Past that you can pick it up as you go . The app does a great job of showing you the way.


One thing that left us scratching our head for a bit was resolving Horror Checks. The booklet has next to nothing in the way of explanation. It turns out you need to click on the image of the monster that qualifies at the bottom of the app. After that it takes you through the Horror Check step by step. It couldn't really be any simpler.


Although enjoyable, I found the first campaign didn't quite live up to my expectations unfortunately. It felt like I was just going from place to place whilst stuff that needed to happen happened anyway a lot of the time. It was all a bit passive. That said, we all had fun so it'll definitely get played again.


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I managed my first solo game yesterday, and took a spin through the first mission. As it was my first go I spent a bit of time going back and forth between the two rulebooks checking things out, but it generally went cleanly. I do agree about the explanation of horror checks (and a few other mechanics), but I'm now kind of used to FFG's habit of giving a brief run through of the rules and then expecting you to check the more detailed reference guide when you need it.


Anyway, I took two randomly picked investigators (Priest/Gravedigger) for a spin through the Mansion and despite some close calls they emerged victorious, even if the Gravedigger had gone quietly insane by that point. We also had to burn half the place down with a flare gun in order to stave off the horde of Deep Ones which shimmered into existence.


I like the way that the game is clearly ramping up difficulty according to a hidden timer mechanic. I wasn't able to explore half the clues and rooms which were available, as new threats made me feel the need to push forward once the butler had clued me in on where I needed to go. It was also interesting that some of my actions when searching had repercussions down the road.


I look forward to giving it another go later on, especially as the first two expansions are due out on the 22nd.

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19 hours ago, therearerules said:

Huzzah! Good gaming tonight (bloody heavy to carry though)image.jpeg


14 hours ago, therearerules said:


worked well


Do you live in some kind of Turkish bath house??? Pictures are so steamy!


Glad you enjoyed your first go. I've got massive buyer's remorse because this cost £70 even with the discount and I knew going in I'd have no one to play it with. :facepalm:

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You I'm just crap at photos.


On reflection I'm only now realising Mansions of Madness may not be the most appropriate game to project on the big screen given we play in England's oldest living convent. Hopefully the nuns won't object to old Dagon and Cthulhu because it worked really well.


As for the game, it was fun and we all enjoyed it. Very quick to start playing once everything was punched out, although the 'learn to play ' guide misses a few actions. We won, although one of us didn't because they went insane, and then dropped a candle burning down the house. I thought it was a bit easy, but we were playing with the full 5 players. It also took about an hour longer than it said, although this was our first time, I was waiting for everyone to finish reading the screen.


However, in terms of story led playing, I'm afraid Time Stories knocks it into a cocked hat. This will undoubtably prove more replayable , especially if they ever release a random scenario generator.

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I haven't glued my figures to their bases, so I tend to dismantle them - but it all fits quite happily in place.  


A friend of mine has used clear round plastic bases for his and just has a chart of brawn/horror stuff - and it looks *much* better... but he's had to remove the cardboard from inside to fit it all in.



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Have two friends with this but still not had a chance to play @_@;

Just saw they are releasing:


1: Mansions Of Madness Board Game: Recurring Nightmares Figure And Tile Collection

2: Mansions Of Madness Board Game: Suppressed Memories Figure And Tile Collection



This is for MoM 2nd

It is the MoM tiles and Figures only (nothing else)

Works with MoM 2nd with the conversion kit found in MoM 2nd.


If you want to add some extra variety!


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