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Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Brought to you by Nintendo


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Shamelessly stolen from the Gaf but this is beyond cool (and I missed the closing ceremony cause I didn't think it'd be worth watching, doh).



Japan's PM transforms into Mario and then that ending, perfect. :D















The entire video and ceremony are classy as fuck. 

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Lol he looked like he was thinking "why do I have to wear this god damn stupid hat and what's this stupid ball for ,f@ck these kids toys I'm supposed to be a world leader ,I'm trying to build an army! And Sonic is so much better, he wouldn't need a f@cking sewer pipe to get here in time"


Japan is a wonderful culture and I'll be much more interested in the next games.


.....ill be 40 years old then .holy shit.

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If their opening ceremony doesn't feature Mario and Sonic racing each other and a performance by Hatsune Miku then I will be disappointed.


Shame Konami is unlikely to deliver a new Track & Field game for the occasion.

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