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What is spinning on your turntable?

Oh Danny Boy

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16 minutes ago, Camel said:

Never liked King Bee.  Mainly because I was already familiar with Tuff Crew, whose style he basically xeroxed.



I love creative sampling & scratching, making something new from something old. Having listened to the video you posted, I think King Bee may have cut a few corners.....

I didn't realise Back by Dope Demand was such a copy & paste track. Sorry for tainting the thread with this.


Also, apologies for being an old man who hasn't heard My Part of Town before.

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Around 1992 HMV sold off the majority of their vinyl stock in Oxford Street, this was £3.99. I already had the album on CD on the day it came out, but loved it and couldn't walk past it for £3.99. There were at the time about 50 copies of this album going begging. In hindsight, should of bought the lot! 


This largely went unplayed for nearly 20 years!  




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Sorry it is 3 already tonight :)


All three I never heard before I bought them on vinyl recently.


Look forward to more ancient dad rock and dodgy old 2nd hand vinyl from me in future :)


Kate Bush's debut is fantastic, such a confident debut.


Slade (Don't Laugh) In Flame is about as far removed as you can get from their more well known "glam" output. Fantastic songs on this album that accompany their fantastic and criminally underratted film.


Meddle by Floyd is, until now, a blank spot in my collection. I love "Dark Side" and "wish you were here" and somewhat enjoy "the wall". I prefer the Dark Side/Wish sound basically and never realised the Meddle was "more of the same" but so much more than that, in some ways their best album where they found a new level.


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"Obscured by Clouds" is worthy of a try as well from Floyd. Any further back and it gets muddy and unfocused. Of course you have the first album "Piper at the gates of dawn" which is fantastic, a one-off with Sid (ignoring Saucerful which he wasn't on that much)

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Reissues can be a complete roulette of disappointment and money. Sony's "Legacy" series are utter shit (the 2 I have tried) and the Back to Black from Universal are a real mixed bag. These Rhino reissues are generally great however, I have bought 3 of them and they have all been excellent (Tom Waits, Television and now this). Great quality pressing and sleeve reproduction, and most of the time a Chris Bellman cut, regardless of what side of the pond you buy them from (unlike Sony's aforementioned Legacy crap) 




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