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Films / shows where a bunch of old computer tech is discovered


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I've always liked those bits where the characters stumble across some old, hitherto hidden chamber full of early computer technology from the 60s/70s performing some kind of sci-fi function. They are usually underground or in some kind of bunker and often still operational to some degree.


I think I just really like the idea of there being ahead-of-its-time technology created in the post-war period that provided some important role unbeknown to the general public.


This happens in:


Terminator 3


the bunker they find at the end. Can't remember its function or whether it was still working except to allow for John Connor to broadcast a message to the world.


Captain America: The Winter Solder


A bunker full of cold-war computer tech powerful enough to contain a person's personality in AI form and exert control over the whole world




The 70s/80s stuff hidden in the underground labs that is used for various high-importance experiments that have been left running autonously for years


Portal 2 (videogame)


The player falls deep, deep underground and finds a buried, still-active network of sixties-styled offices and chambers full of retro-advanced computer tech.


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Since you mentioned Portal 2, it happened in Batman: Arkham City as well, though I think the technology there was meant to date from the '30s. 


Did this happen in Cowboy Bebop at some point? I feel sure it must have; I remember the discovery of a Betamax videotape was a plot point in one episode.

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Star Trek: Into Darkness?


Later in the film, it's said that Khan and his crew had been placed into special cryostasis pods, themselves initially used to make up for the lack of FTL travel amongst the universe. However, it's also said that the crew had been frozen for 300 years, and the film takes place in 2259. That's before considering the tech that must have been used to create Khan (advanced regeneration, super strength and speed etc), that surely existed however many years before his birth.


I'd also say that CA: The First Avenger is a spin on this sort of thing.



We are effectively seeing super-advanced tech being created in front of us whilst the film is set in the past, be it hokey flying cars, tesseract-powered laser guns and the super-solider serum itself.

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