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Kickstarters You've Backed


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A bunch, starting with the book Every day is play which someone here did.


Then Shenmue, Yooka, System Shock and a bunch of RPGs, often brought to my attention via RPG watch (having missed out on the first tranche of projects such as Pillars of Eternity).  My record so far is 10 successes versus 3 failures (to fund, that is, none of the games have yet been completed).  I usually invest at the early bird level which gets the game code. It's a cool way to help people, so long as you have the spare cash really.

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  • Yooka-Laylee, because I've been after this sort of thing for a long time. Never got to try the playbox due to a lack of system requirements (i.e. a PC).
  • Amplitude, because I liked the old ones. It was mostly alright, but significantly let down by some atrocious bonus tracks and a lack of commercial artist input, not to mention no chance of DLC.
  • The Magical Realms of Tír na nÓg: Escape from Necron 7 - Revenge of Cuchulainn: The Official Game of the Movie - Chapter 2 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa (aka Barkley 2), because the first was probably one of the 6 JRPGs I could safely say was ever any good. Still not out, cuh.
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I backed the original Project Cars. That one was quite cool, you went into a profit share with it, so I actually got about £60 back over the course of last year.


Recently I also backed Planet coaster at £50. Been playing since march & logged hundreds of hours. They have been fantastic at communicating & following their roadmap.

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23 minutes ago, King A said:

I backed the original Project Cars. That one was quite cool, you went into a profit share with it, so I actually got about £60 back over the course of last year.



It's interesting to note that they didn't offer that option for the sequel, which would on the face of it be an easier sell to anybody looking to make a profit from their investment. I suppose it might have come down to the same problems that fig have had and still don't seem to have resolved with the US financial regulators, shame.




Finally, Slightly Mad Studios has agreed to change how the World of Mass Development operates in future, "So as to avoid it being considered a collective investment scheme."



Only backed the one game, don't see myself backing anything else. Don't even pay attention to the updates for it.

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I had backed Yooka-Layee as my first but dropped out because I didn't have much money at the time.

Bloodstained I nearly went for but didn't bother because there is still a hand full of metroidvania's I need to finish and the game made a shit load by KS standards.

I backed Shenmue 3 because I felt like it was the one game that absolutely needed as much money as possible.

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I backed Elite Dangerous.  It's awesome, so pleased with that one.  Bought the lifetime expansion pass after the kick starter for £30, which now seems like a massive bargain.


Also backed Underworld Ascendant and Shenmue 3.  No idea really how those two are progressing.


I also back Star Citizen on the last £20 sale before the split the single and multiplayer packages. Who knows when/if that will appear but I've not spent much. The ship buyers are crazy.  The 2.5 test is full of amusingly bad choices . My favourite at the moment is the woefully out of place 'epic' music when you wake up in what is pretty much a broom cupboard.

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I backed up republique first and only ever. then they could not even give me the game for free on ios when finally released because they had a massive cock up with how to fulfill their reward. then they kept sending me 10 page updates from different people about what they were working on to try to get me the game. then they said they would send me through paypal the money so i could buy it on itunes. then I just said fuck it and bought it on ios as it was about 5 quid. I played 15 minutes of it. I hated it. I will just buy games when they are good and done. far to many finished games I have not played and are awesome to worry about helping people get something else made that may or may not come out.

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I've backed one or two computer games and computer game-related kickstarters. Or, you know, 52. But who's counting? Most I've been glad to (even some I never played - I backed a few games knowing I'd not enjoy them due to genre/style, but wanted them to exist so pitched in anyway), but I've a few regrets. Rough groupings:


Glad to have backed:


Torment: Tides of Numenera (Unreleased) - Can't wait
Project Giana (Released) - Good
The Way (Released) - Good
Chaos Reborn - From the Creator of the Original X-COM (Released) - Good
DYSCOURSE: Survivors, Choose Wisely. (Released) - Good
Broken Sword - the Serpent's Curse Adventure (Released) - Good
Tex Murphy - Project Fedora (Released) - Good
Commodore Amiga: a visual Commpendium (Released) - Great
SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works (Released) - Great
Satellite Reign (Released) - Great
Divinity: Original Sin (Released) - Great
CONSORTIUM (Released) - Great
Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey (Released) - Great
Tropes vs. Women in Video Games (Released) - Great
Turrican Soundtrack Anthology by Chris Huelsbeck (Released) - Great
Shadowrun Returns (Released) - Great
The Banner Saga (Released) - Great
Wasteland 2 (Released) - Great
Copper Dreams (Unreleased) - Promising
Arcadian Atlas - Tactical RPG Inspired by Classics (Unreleased) - Promising
Knights and Bikes (Unreleased) - Promising
Shenmue 3 (Unreleased) - Promising
The Bards Tale IV (Unreleased) - Promising
Underworld Ascendant (Unreleased) - Promising
Pathologic (Мор.Утопия) (Unreleased) - Promising
Parkitect (Unreleased) - Promising
Aegis Defenders (Unreleased) - Promising
The Universim (Unreleased) - Promising
River City Ransom: Underground (Unreleased) - Promising


Don't mind having backed (generally games I haven't played, but am happy exist; games I have played and am ambivalent towards, and unreleased games I'm worried about, but not given up on):


Lilly Looking Through: An animated adventure game (Released)
Legends of Eisenwald (Released)
Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire - Turn-Based Tactics RPG (Released)
Expeditions: Conquistador (Released)
Double Fine Adventure (Released)
Mighty Tactical Shooter : A Turn-Based Shoot 'Em Up (Unreleased)
Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians (Unreleased)
Jason The Greek - Point'n'Click Adventures in Ancient Greece (Unreleased)
Shadowrun: Hong Kong (Released)
Ninja Pizza Girl (Released)
Girls Make Games Presents: The Hole Story! (Released)
Dropsy (Released)
Unrest : An Unconventional RPG Set in Ancient India (Released)
Xenonauts (Released)


Regret having backed:


The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers (Released) - Okay, but... I didn't realise that the writer was an arsehole until too late, plus regretted paying extra for what turned out to be a hideous limited edition cover.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Unreleased) - Promising, but... I wouldn't have funded if I'd realised the lead dev was such an arse.  Oh well.

Mansion Lord - A Murder Mystery RPG/Business Sim (Unreleased) - Not coming out
Unwritten: That Which Happened (Unreleased) - Not coming out
Project Lodus - A Cyberpunk Co-op Action RPG (Unreleased) - Not coming out
Moon Intern (Unreleased) - Not coming out
STAR COMMAND: Kickstart Part 2 - The PC/Mac Space Adventure (Unreleased) - Not coming out
Into the Stars (Released) - Rubbish
Kinetic Void: Procedural Space Adventure for PC and Mac (Released) - Rubbish



I still enjoy the process; it's just nice to feel like I'm helping games come into being. Except when they turn out to be utter rubbish or the creators massive dickheads.

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Me neither.   The whole crowdfunding thing has coincided with me being skint.  I think I would have backed loads if I had spare cash though.   What I wouldn't do is back millionaires like Molyneux and their latest fisasco.   I'd love to back proper original games from first time devs.

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I'm still not sure how to feel about the fact that a mock kickstarter campaign was one of the pieces of course work I had to submit when I did the game design module at university. I guess after having us actually make a game they wanted us to do something less time consuming and stressful but I dunno it kind of sends the wrong message and didn't really do much. All the important stuff we learned about pitching was done the following year and drove the point home far better.

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