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R-Handle - Russian Engineering at its Finest


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...Well maybe not but it sure does look Russian!





The R-Handle is a prototype gamepad that intends to fuse the best features of console and PC peripherals to create the ultimate game controller.


According to the designers it uses the whole hand rather than just fingers, and doesn’t require a desk like a keyboard and mouse.

It features more than 25 buttons, as well as a d-pad, analog stick and a huge chunky grip thing on the right-hand side. It looks amazing and terrifying at the same time.




“Currently, analogue thumb sticks found on Xbox One, PS4 or even Steam controllers don’t allow for enough accuracy during gameplay, which causes developers to create simpler – and less exciting – console games,” say the creators.


“And considering the uprising of Virtual Reality technology, the standard gamepad is even more impractical.”


Russian designers Alex Nesmeev and Eugene Nesmeev hope to crowdfund the R-Handle in the near future. 


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Watched the videos and nope, that thing looks no more accurate than a standard analog stick for aiming. His aim is all over the place in the DOOM video, I don't see any accuracy, all I see is lots of overshooting the target and no fine aiming. Looks like that thing needs to be used on a flat surface and all those fucking buttons


I take back what I said, I watched some more videos and it does look like it can almost reproduce the accuracy of a mouse. 

I'll still stick with my Steam controller though thanks, trackpad + gyro is the real deal. 

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