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FIFA 17 - BAP Season 35 | Team of the Season!

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Let us know if you're IN for the first BAP season FIFA 17!


Current thinking is the draft to take place on Sunday 9th, and first game on Thursday 13th. Should give everyone enough time to get their copy of FIFA, and start work on their pro!


1. tomakasatnav

2. gooner4life

3. tcharliel

4. Luseth

5. smithstock

6. Gerry Helmet - maybe baby

7. Alison94

8. Bennette98

9. Alfromsleep

10. Jamin

11. GrahamDunn

12. Bleeders

13. Steely

14. kiko kylz

15. SaintM

16. stephen129

17. Sladey19

18. Bigbaz96

19. Baring

20. sjvinnie

21. ikilledyanan

22. meerkat

23. mackenie

24. Tomox

25. Bellis

26. Buchy

27. Fennas

28. Actualbigbloke

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29 minutes ago, Gerry Helmet said:

He or She doesn't know if they like football and I'm sure like most humans, will have an automatic dislike for Gooner, so maybe?


Smithstock is one of those humans, so if you want your kid like Smithstock that's your perogative Gerry, on the plus side, she will be happy to give you some tutorials on how to bring her up.

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5 hours ago, Gerry Helmet said:

Put me down as a maybe, I've got a baby appearing around the 18th October, +/- 2 weeks so might miss a few of the games at the start. Until I figure out the correct dosage/delivery method of chloroform of course, then I'll be every week 



 Don't worry mate, they pretty much eat, sleep and shit for the first 4-6 months. You're golden.

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