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Game Room Evolution ( A blog topic)


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Ok up front I've posted this as a separate topic from the "gaming setup" topic. I didn't want to pollute it with pages and pages of my wafflings.  So I thought I'd start a new thread. That way its easier to ignore if you don't want to read / look at it.


Anyway I've had a crappy asbestos and concrete garage in my garden since I moved here (10 years ago infact) -


01 (800x600).jpg


I've been meaning to sort something out for ages. So I thought fuck-it I'll have a shed instead. So I had some people in hazmat suits come to remove the asbestos and took the rest out with a sledge hammer.


02 (800x600).jpg


Fuck. what am I going to do with all this shit now. Anyway some local chap builds sheds and took most of it away to use for hardcore. The metal stuff went to some guys who probably  had a caravan and lots of "Dags" 


04 (800x600).jpg


Well that's better. Some railway sleepers to keep the back soil from collapsing on the garage base. Sorted


The Shed took a while to be made as it was a custom job, bit the day came about 2 months after I'd killed the garage.

Construction started

06 (450x800).jpg


07 (450x800).jpg


Ta-da ! 


08 (800x600).jpg


And a nice little garden shed for the lawnmower and other such crap


09 (800x600).jpg










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2 hours ago, Nathan Wind said:

I was waiting for that, but I didn't expect it from you. Wow.



Is that it finished now, @super_quincy? No more to go in? 


I'm pretty sure that when I took over Retro Gamer I didn't take a vow saying I couldn't take the piss out of something when there's an obvious joke to be had.

I like the Atari Jaguar, I like it well away from my games collection.

Seriously, though, it gets a lot of stick, which isn't really deserved. I remember defending it at work because everyone was commenting on how shit the controller is. I whipped one out from under my desk where I was using the jaguar as a footrest* and let everyone hold the controller. Unsurprisingly, no one had ever actually held one before and were surprised at how comfortable it actually was.




*May not be true.

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11 hours ago, strider said:

My bad, I forgot to add a winky. I knew you weren't being serious :)

No, I'm not having it. The only way to put this right is you running a twenty page Jaguar article ending with the sentence -


"and that is why the Jaguar was, and always will be, the greatest and most powerful games console the world will ever see"



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What is this, 1297?  Yeah, just go to the village well once a week and boil up some stale water infested by bacteria from rotted animal carcasses and human shit. 


Petition your other half for permission to build a heated covered walkway between shed and house. Problem solved.  You're welcome.

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The sheds cost about £3k. £500 on electrics (with underground cable) and £500 in decorating costs. That includes the £200 spent on new oak worktops (as desks) 

All the internal work I did myself (with a friends help), but had the sheds built by the shed man! 

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