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Katamari Damacy


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Skip to track 8 after track 4 unless you want to listen to 4 long tracks of the same song slightly remixed, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Nah. 'Suteki Hoshi no Sanpo wa Suteki' (track 6) is ace, as is 'Katamari On The Rock' despite it going on FOREVER. :D

Come on Namco, make it happen in Europe!

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*and as if by magic: an old thread reappears*


Well, I finally caved in an bought a chipped PS2, and this was one of the very first games I got for it.


I've virtually played no games at all this year, just popping a few on for very brief sessions, but I've just not got into anything.

That was until this came along.

This game is just beautiful in so many ways, incredibly addictive, and it kept me out of the sun for most of the weekend.

I had trouble with the controls to start with until my housemate had a go and commented "they're like tank controls" at which point I instantly inderstood them and have been fine with them since.

I have just fallen completely in love with this game though; I love the way you slowly get bigger without really realising it, and suddenly, things theat were knocking you around, your now stickying to your ball - the first time I started sticky elephants and ripping up buildings was simply fantastic - I was unstoppable; I love the music; I love the graphics; I love the high score table/star chart; I love the way that when you're little you can sticky up small parts of things (like food from a bowl, or batteries from a radio), and then when you get bigger you sticky up whole buildings; I love how animals start running away from you as you get bigger (and you can get revenge for when they pushed you about earlier); I love how EVERYTHING can sooner or later be stickyed up; I love the characters; I love the crazy little touches (like crabs wearing shoes, and rats carrying Duplo); I love the insantiy and the genius of the game; I love stickying up little kids and fat sumo wrestlers; I love it all!!!!

So yes, if you have the opportunity to get this game - don't miss it!! It has already made my purchase of a chipped PS2 worth while (now, if only I didn't suck completely at Pop'n Music!).

Now a question:

What the hell is the mushroom with all the people on it and the floating maracas all about?

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What the hell is the mushroom with all the people on it and the floating maracas all about?

I think all those little men are collectable throughout the levels. I'm pretty certain I've 'rolled up' a couple already.

Check GameFAQs. :lol:

Oh, and I completely agree with your impressions of the game. It's pure joy. And that last level is MAGIC.

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But what's the point of the maracas that float over the mushroom and seem to hightlight a character when they pass them?

(actually, I've just thought, there's a two player mode isn't there, and two sets maracas, so is this how you select characters for the two player mode?)

(oh, and I know they're probably not maracas - they just look like them)

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Things that make you feel old...

Katamari Damacy first appeared about 10 years ago!

One of my favourite game series this has been, although I don't regret it's run its course. I (still) loved the 360/PS3 games, and completed the PSP one, but didn't bother for more than a couple of hours with the Vita game.

Edge did an article on it >> http://www.edge-online.com/features/the-making-of-katamari-damacy/

Shine Roll on, you crazy diamond!


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Diablo 1 and We Love Katamari are the only two games my girlfriends ever completed lol. I love this series, I really think there's a ton of options for a sequel to build on, from random generation or just making the objects have more weight and specific properties to mess with your Katamari.

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Always fun seeing how much the forum has changed. Much less anime, people.

I love katamari. But the second one is the best. It's also the one I played first, so the first one seemed a little sparse in comparison. Must give beautiful katamari another go soon. I've missed the rest, my last sony console was the ps2.

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Mine has arrived! It's got an instruction book in english in full colour!!! See SCEI make more of an effort for the English market than SCEA and SCEE put together!

Phone conversation between my mum and I:

J: 'I imported a game from Japan..'

L: 'Oh Julia, IMPORTING from here? Is this an obsession now and not a hobby? ha ha What's the game about? What do you do?'

J: 'Ummmmmmmm...*pause* Youre this alien on a beachball and you collect random stuff until it showballs to the size of a city and you're collecting planes and ships'

L: '...*slight pause* ... How do they come up with these ideas? Were the designers taking a drag from a funny fag? ha ha ha'

I love my mum, she's so cool

And it was all a big fat lie <_<

He's still checking the forum from time to time it seems.

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I got the '100% Collection' achievement in Beautiful Katamari, the rarest one I ever got according to True Achievements.

I tell you what, I nearly shat a brick the first time I rolled into the solar system and started rolling up planets. Amazing.

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