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Katamari Damacy


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6 hours ago, I say said:


Are you sure?  I was in Bic Camera yesterday and a sign said it was the 20th.


Play Asia were advertising it as the 7th, same day as the Asia version, but looking now they've changed it to the 20th. Asia version is still the 7th though: https://sea.play-asia.com/katamari-damacy-reroll-multi-language/13/70cbgt 

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It's awesome. I had time for a 15 minute mess around this morning and now I'm going to have the music stuck in my head all day. Katamari is perfect as a digital release. It's the sort of game I love dipping in and out of between other stuff. 

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1 hour ago, jonamok said:

This will be my first ever Katamari. Jealous much?


Nah. It isn’t like it is a narrative heavy game that won’t be as good knowing all the twists and turns. I’d rather keep the last 14 years or so of previous Katamari goodness.

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