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Katamari Damacy


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Wow that video on the last page. Sent me back to the happy times of summer 04. I gambled on an import copy after seeing Stroker Ace heavily evangelising it as the greatest game of the forever. I wasn't disappointed. I was a bit Katamri'd out by the time of Beautiful Katamari though. It's time to dive back in on Switch, been a decade of no Katamari. I'm feeling it.

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8 hours ago, Paulando said:

This is so brilliant. Nice to have Katamari back, and on a current gen console! I get the feeling I won’t be rolling up planets in this one though, so it would be nice to get a remake of whichever one let you do that.


Or, probably wishful thinking on my part, DLC packs for all the levels from the rest of the series.

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For all the talk of Switch tax this has been £15.99 on there since release and often 50% off in sales. I’ve been waiting for it to come to Xbox but I’m not paying nearly a tenner more for it. Wonder why such a price hike for these formats.

Also wish Beautiful Katamari would be added to BC.


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