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Pointless HALO topic number76


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I finally got Halo yesterday. Only had an Xbox a week, so I had to get it soon. £20 second hand from Game... can't believe it's still £40 most places.

Anyhow, jumped into it on Heroic, and it's fucking good. Fucking hard too. And once (on the second level), the enemies stood around like numpties in an open space while I sniped them with my pistol. But I wasn't complaining, they'd killed me about 10 times before that.

More later...

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Seeing as this is a pointless Halo thread, I loaded the game onto my PowerBook yesterday. Jittertastic at the moment, so I'll have to sort that out before going any further, but I can't help shaking the feeling that I'll wind up getting the XBox version anyway......

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you will turn it off when you get to Truth and rec. rock hard. :rolleyes:

I've just polished of that level tonight with my nipper, heart of the mouth stuff indeed, but we are at that invincible stage, meleeing as we go, laughing out loud at the inept Elites. Took about 1.5hrs to clear the level of Covenant, a nice way to spend a Sunday.

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I'm trying to play through legendary at the moment too. So far I've got to The Maw. These days heroic just seems too easy.

There really is something special about this game. Always new things to try and new ways of doing sections. After a year I still play this quite regulaly and am not in any danger of getting bored of it anytime soon. Bring on Halo 2.


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Just got home, been playing pretty much non-stop (went to get pizza! :lol:) since 12:50. (or thereabouts) I'm in the same position as a lot of people here - not done that for bloomin' ages.

Wonderful, wonderful! We found a shortcut today, then donwloaded some videos off of Kazza and immediatly had to try some Warthog tricks out! Shame it's work tomorrow otherwise I'd still be on it now.

Oh the pointless bit (as if that above wasn't <_<) I'm about to have some cornflakes.

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Funny a discussion about cereal should arise:

Em says: (11:32:47 pm)

   Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, now...

Gary says: (11:32:56 pm)

   bah, I used to adore them, but I had too many

Gary says: (11:33:03 pm)

   same with all my favourite cereals

Gary says: (11:33:10 pm)

   cornflakes are the only ones I can't get bored of

Gary says: (11:33:14 pm)

   maybe because they're so boring

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