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Gaming time is limited so don't fancy getting shafted in 1v1... I think I played 3-4 1v1 unranked games back when the game first came out and was not a big fan. Fair enough some people like it but as a game mode there was no fun there for me, that would be amplified in a tourney with people who play it all the time! Gooner I admire your enthusiasm but it'd be like asking SaintM to compete in a tournament against Division 1 seasons people in FIFA, it would be painful and joyless.

Cheers anyway though, I'll be in for the next non-1s tournament.

PS Hogg I still do play RL but mainly late evenings, at which time you're usually snuggling up to Mackenie so I wouldn't want to be the third wheel (pun!). x

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Could set it to a time limit of 5 mins with score limit set to 'first to 5'


just think it'll be a bummer if someone loses 5-4 with 30/40 seconds still to go because a limit has been set.


plus there's wayyy more goals scorer in 1v1 anyway in comparison to 2s/3s. And you'd still have to wait for the rest if the games to finish 

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You might mate, i normally go out of the tournament in the first round :lol: let's be honest, it's pretty cut and dried, hogg would smash me, but if a couple of lucky bounces gets me 2 goals against him before he finds his mojo then it keeps things interesting, the better players should still win but it gives it a little bit of room for shock results.

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19 hours ago, superstarbeejay said:

Ok, I'm in. Would prefer double elim over league format though. League format can mean that the person who 'wins' might not actually beat the 2nd best player. 

Not that I'm playing, but I'm curious as to why this is a problem? If a player lost every game except for 1 against the eventual 1st place, this still means they lost. It's right there in the description:


On 18/10/2016 at 12:24, Theholyhogg said:

The player with the most points is the greatest 


I've never played 1 v 1, but I can't imagine anything other than games where both players either score 10 or 0, given that everybody knows how to score from the kick-off and everyone knows that you don't let the other guy score from the kick-off.

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