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Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Thread: It's All Over, Folks! See you next console!


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1 minute ago, KriessG said:


Huh, I didn't know this. A stand though? Why does a case need a stand??


Looks like it should be useful, more stable than the built in stand and also not needing to have the switch sit somewhere it could get scratched possibly? here it is in action...




The compartment for games is part of the stand.

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1 hour ago, JPickford said:

I know I'll be sat here with a console and no Zelda.  Trying to resist paying £60 for a download.


You might be able to get it for £50 on Friday, if you live near a Smyths Toys:




(Obviously you could just pick up a physical version instead, but it's the best price I've seen for the download version.)

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Hmm, I can arrange to have my parcel delivered to a DPD pickup point, which claims I can pick it up by noon. Question is, will that be any earlier than having it delivered to my front door? Do I turn up at Sainsburys tomorrow at 7am and hang around in the supermarket all morning pestering their customer services desk every ten minutes?


No wait, that's stupid, I might miss my Zelda delivery coming from Amazon.

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41 minutes ago, ahsoka said:

I need to stop reading this thread, it's making me anxious. All my stuff is coming from Amazon and is currently in a combination of...


Arriving Tomorrow

Arriving Friday 3rd March








Ah, found it.

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Actually, everything on Amazon is now "shipping today" for me. I believe this is after "preparing for dispatch"?!?!



Just now, Lorfarius said:

Oh god! Dispatched from Amazon!!!!! Console, Zelda and Pro controller :wub:



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13 minutes ago, Majora said:

Guys, do I go balls deep to be able to play Zelda before 10:30am on my day off?!





Got sent a free £5 voucher from Paypal this morning, so I've opted for the 8:30 - 12 window, which is only a fiver, seemed a good way to use the free money :P

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2 hours ago, stoofle said:


Exactly the same just happened to me with HSBC, via the Nintendo store too :(


Oof. That's lame.


 I just checked my bank account to make sure mine had gone out. Thankfully it has and I'm fuckin' skint 

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