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Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Thread: It's All Over, Folks! See you next console!


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4 hours ago, Alex W. said:

"Don't risk the hard drive in sleep mode"? The drive's parked.


Sleep mode on PS4 and Xbox One allow the system to download updates (and, in the PS4's case, install them - I believe the Xbox One doesn't allow that, but may be wrong, it's been some time since I owned one). Which is why the PS4 pops up with a disk scan if you do power it off at source while it's in sleep mode and then nags you to not do it again. So, depending on the timing, the drive may be parked, but it's certainly not guaranteed.


Aaanyway: three days late (thanks Nintendo Store), but finally:






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3 hours ago, angel said:


How do you end up with 2 spare consoles?


Ordered from Amazon as soon as they went up.


Ordered from shopto as a launch day backup.


Took a punt on tesco to use up £150 of club card vouchers. Estimated delivery: 4th April



I was going to race the shopto and amazon order and return one, however, tesco came up trumps.


Et voila.

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