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A great gaming track a day


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It's time to go back... back to France! But this time it's not a PC tune; I've picked the Amiga version of the soundtrack, because that's how I played it (at a friend's house), and how I remember it:


Moby/elmobo - Fury of the Furries - Lagoon (in actual fact, the title of this track is The Forest - it was used in the lagoon level, but that isn't what the composer wrote it for)


That and, you know, it's a brilliant tune. Far more evocative than the game deserves (I mean, it's a lovely game, but absolutely doesn't fit the mood of the music).


Also, while I've never enjoyed the Donkey Kong Country games, the track @Soulstar posted up there is lovely. Though perhaps not 10 hours of solid listening lovely ;)

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16 hours ago, ilpostino said:

Great thread.


This might be my favourite of all time. I think I played the Amiga Format Christmas '93 demo disc more than the actual game:

[uridium 2]


All the music in Uridium 2 is superb. It's an odd game, I was convinced it was rubbish even though I remember playing it loads, but I fired it up on UAE a couple of years ago and it ended up being the main game I played ,above everything on PC and 360, at the time for about a month.

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Often overshadowed by the incredible Turrican 2 soundtrack but Turrican 3 / Mega Turrican had an amazing track for the first level. Hard to choose between the Amiga and Megadrive versions.








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11 hours ago, nakamura said:

Love this mellow tune. Suits cruising at night. 




always upvote TXR! The handling was so very flawed but if you hit the sweet spot with tuning it worked a treat – a reward for persistent players, I guess!


Not still making them are they? 

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Thanks @Camel.


Ok, my track for today – one of my favourite Master System games, love the characters, love the design, but especially this little happy tune. Good job too, because the game was pretty solid for 8 year old me, and I heard this track A LOT!



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I can't believe we've not had a single Bitmap Brothers game feature yet! Time to rectify that:


Nation 12 & Richard Joseph - Speedball 2 - Intro Theme


Composed (as usual) by external artists - in this case Nation 12 (i.e. Bomb the Bass and friends), then masterfully converted by Richard Joseph, who I still can't quite believe is dead close to a decade on.

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