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A great gaming track a day


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On 22 October 2016 at 20:41, -Ben.Johnson- said:

This song really gets me pumped while playing the game, along with violent drumming. EAD Tokyo nailed everyting about this game



Edit" well i forgot what forum i was in/didnt read OP. but this track is so good yall should listen to it anyway.

Great tune, I'd forgotten about that. Although it does sound like something from 80s era Phil Collins.... ;-)

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Time for something completely obvious:


Kenny Chou - One Must Fall 2097 - Main Theme


Aside from being the first (and quite possibly only) great PC-exclusive fighting game (and remaining the only one on any system with a meaningful single-player career mode), One Must Fall 2097 is lucky enough to have one of the greatest, most memorable title themes I've ever heard.

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When we covered for the guy who normally runs the local video games quiz our music round included the Doom theme. As far as I recall, only a couple of teams recognised it (out of 10+).


I was unimpressed.

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The Game Boy rendition of Double Dragon's second stage music is etched into my brain. Love the slow build to the rousing chorus where it goes duh duh duh duuh, di di di di di duuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  Makes me want to go beat up some goons in a warehouse.



Edit - hmmmmm, can't seem to get it to embed the single video.  Number 4 on the list was the one I wanted.  Bah. But fuck it, the entire soundtrack is ace anyway.

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Time for a bit of a curveball: Yogi's Great Escape is an utterly woeful platformer. Complete rubbish.


It also happens to feature a completely thematically inappropriate, completely brilliant title theme:


Howie Davies - Yogi's Great Escape - Theme

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