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On 31/10/2016 at 00:44, Olly88 said:



Can't argue with that! The intro track is great too; the soundtrack in general is great, and very atypical for a SNES game - in fact, it's almost Mega Drive-like [plug]as I mention briefly in my Shadowrun roundup video[/plug].


One of the few SNES games I really dig the soundtrack to; on which note, here's another great from the SNES's stable; the soundtrack as a whole is brilliant, most of it in its ambient menace, but this track in particular has a mean riff to it too:


Kenji Yamamoto - Super Metroid - Title Theme

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The little spate of Saturn music last night plus the latest exciting arcade-related news coming from Sega put me in mind of this classic (better, to my ears at least, even than Let's Go Away):


Takenobu Mitsuyoshi - Daytona Usa - The King of Speed


Rollllliiiiing Staaaaaaart!

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this thread makes my morning :) Golden Axe track is above is absolutely amazing. And yes – Daytona is a winner every time! Like Sega Rally above it's objectively quite awful, but in context spot on!


Slight change of tack for me, away from mid 90's SEGA to some older memories..



Weird looking at C64 vids on YT, I never saw any of these games in colour..!

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I always forget how much I loved the music in Sonic on the Game Gear - however, that just sounds crazily slow, and I just realised that's because of course the PAL MS version would have been slowed down. Only ever owning handheld versions of the games must mean I'm one of a relatively small number of PAL gamers who didn't grow up with slow Sonic.


Now, this put me in mind of my childhood, but unfortunately I was unable to find a clip of the music I really want - the level 1 music (or, at a push, title theme) from, specifically, the ST version of Atomic Robo-Kid. Which must be one of the only occasions where, by far, the best version of that music is through the ST; miles ahead of the arcade or console versions, understandably better than the 8-bit computer versions, and surprisingly better even than the (comfortably second-best) Amiga version.


But, as I say, it just doesn't seem to exist online (outside of actual gameplay footage, which is far from ideal), so instead, something completely different:


Alexander Brandon - Deus Ex - UNATCO theme


(I was tempted to put in the equally brilliant title theme, but the UNATCO music has the added benefit of being inextricably linked with some great in-game moments)

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