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Angel Has Fallen - Olympus/London Has Fallen Sequel

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Despite the second movie not performing as well in North America, it did solid enough business worldwide to warrant a second sequel. Angel Has Fallen (Angel being the nickname for Airforce One) will once again see the return of Gerard Butler and Aaron Eckhart in their respective roles. That said, early outlines of the story have Butler's character becoming the target of the attack, so Eckhart may already have ruled himself out.


The film is being written now for a 2017 start date.


Edit: 2nd film made $195M from a budget of $60M. First made $161M from a $70M budget.

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I feel like if this many calamities happen to Aaron Eckhart's president specifically then it should really be considered a damning endictment of his inability to protect his nation. Or maybe it's on Gerard Butler as his bodyguard. Either way, one or both of them should be fired.

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