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Retro Gamer 162 "Let's Go Mr Driver!


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We've just got the new issue through and it's a pretty good one.


Ultimate Guide: Chase HQ

The Legacy Of Metroid

Polybius Revealed

Retro Revival: Qix

The Making Of Panther

Hardware Heaven: ZX Spectrum

Minority Report: Saturn Shmups

From The Archives: Abbex Electronics

The History Of Warcraft

The Making Of Myriad

Classic Moments: Dynamite Cop

Licence To Thrill: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Arcade Perfect: Star Wars

The Making Of Zool

How To Play Retro Today

The Making Of Pandemonium!

Retro Revival: Armalyte

In The Chair: Kevin Bayliss




Civilization VI 8/10

Battlezone 7/10

Dragon Quest Builders 8/10

Super Stardust Ultra VR 6/10

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The Amstrad one is proper amazing given what they had to work with. Not only does it have the helicopter but also the helicopter's shadow! JoeeEEE and Bill did a heck of a job! Who the hell were they btw, anyone?


Edit: 'Doesn't look too bad, I suppose' Lofarius!? Holy shit, it looks amazing. Gives Gryzor a run for its money imo!

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15 hours ago, strider said:

The FM Towns version is excellent but expensive. Otherwise you want the Saturn version (which ha admittedly had a few changes made to it) which also comes with the sequel. It's rising in price though.

Anything FM Towns has to chance, as I'd need to buy the console, but I had heard the saturn version was actually quote jerky and not a great conversion?

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This kind of thing is part of the reason I picked up a Saturn recently - it seems to have fairly definitive ports of some surprisingly old arcade games, at least in Japan. I reckon the upcoming VCD USB loader, which is basically an Everdrive in terms of functionality and plug & play friendliness, is going to blow the Saturn scene wide open, and probably make the prices of originals a bit more rational to boot.


Looking forward to reading about this, I have fond memories of the original (mostly speccy) and the sequel (in a Cornish arcade on a particularly memorably holiday for gaming).


Is the Minority Report Kim Justice again? I didn't think she went for the Saturn much.


Hold on a moment, Future Publishing? Did I miss something?


16 hours ago, Goose said:

I resubbed a fair few weeks ago, but still no new issues as yet. Might need to look into that.


I think if you used the Christmas discount deal it doesn't start until this issue. I had to check my confirmation email, as that foxed me - I ended up picking up 161 in Tescos.

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46 minutes ago, robotattack said:


Future put in a bid to buy Imagine a few months back. The acquisition was finalised last month. http://www.futureplc.com/2016/10/18/completion-of-imagine-publishing-acquisition/


Cheers, that flew under my radar. Any changes on the front line strider, or is it business as usual? You're not going to be merged with Sinclair User or anything?

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2 hours ago, Alexlotl said:


Cheers, that flew under my radar. Any changes on the front line strider, or is it business as usual? You're not going to be merged with Sinclair User or anything?

Business as usual. If anything it'/ good news as future has far better distribution meaning sales of the mag should climb even higher.

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22 minutes ago, strider said:

No. check the soles and it goes for between £35 and £50. You get both the original and sequel so at the top end it'/ £25 :)

ignore those stupid buy it now.

Ok, that's more like it.


I might pick this up then! Or wait for that awesome USB hack...

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5 hours ago, Meh said:

After an issue that really, really wasn't my cup of tea - this is something I'm really looking forward to.

Too much Pokemon/Nintendo? In retrospect we probably should have pushed back the GBA article so it lessened the Nintendo stuff, but we decided to leave it in.

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Pokemon pretty much bypassed me at the time, although I was aware of its popularity thanks to the card game, TV show etc. I do enjoy portable gaming though, more so in recent years as there's only one TV in the house and I get very little time on it. The GBA and PS VIta are probably in my top 5 consoles of all time.

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19 hours ago, Meh said:

I never really got into Pokemon much, despite having the hardware for it. It's taken me about 25 years to realise I absolutely hate portable gaming.


I used to feel the same but since picking up a GPDXD I can't put it down. Goes every with me! Thanks to that I recently completed  FF 8 & 9 as well as Ultima 4 all stuff I'd never give time for at home. But sneaky sessions at work and over lunches are the way forward.

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