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Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

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Noah Hawley, behind the excellent Fargo, is bringing this to TV. Apparently it's being kept separate from the X-Men movies. Stars Dan Stevens as David Haller, who hears voices in his head and resides in a psychiatric hospital. But he may actually be a powerful mutant (which I assume means he really is). Begins in the US on 8 February. No UK news yet.



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I didn't even know this was X-Men related until I watched it and they mentioned mutants.  it seems fun.  I have a theory about it...



When he was in the mental hospital, I don't think the other individuals he interacted with were actually there.  I think those might be other personalities in his own mind.  He does seem to have some sort of mental issue.  And since it's X-Men related, maybe each time his personality changes, it's associated with a different power.


Edit: Just googled the comic book character.. okay, that's probably what it is. :lol:

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Episode 2 was never going to live up to the first one. Nonetheless although it was still quite trippy it was a bit more conventional. Felt like a bit of a filler episode that dragged a little. I'm sort of disappointed as they had set the bar so high. 

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I thought the second episode was an improvement. I was glad to see it was just as trippy and didn't just turn into Mutant X or something formulaic. But I think the shorter run time kept it a bit tighter and all the confusion blended into one another nicer. 

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