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test drive unlimited 3


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I don't disagree but I think the racing wasn't really the point. The open world and social was the point. I seem to remember that 8 of us here got together and did a lap of the island, stopping every ten minutes to regroup and take photos just because we could. I think we tried racing and sacked it off as the randoms were being cheating arseholes. If you have to cheat at TDU, you're doing it wrong.


Dudley is right, you still can't do that in FH as it is too racing focused for it. And yes, discovering car dealerships was a brilliant idea.

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Now if they brought back the abilty to set up any race from any junction. Amazing feature of TDU (and Midnight Club).

I'm much like Tehstu - its open world so its pretty much a win for me.


Be interesting to see what these new Devs can do without some twat like Atari to get in the way (like their Roller Coaster Tycoon update). 

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Erm.. its called

"TT Isle Of Man – Ride on the Edge" and last i heard KT were mapping the isle of man or something.

Its due 2017 and thats about all i know. Bigben games are a bit odd as they make these announcements and then you hear nothing.


Expect something like Ride 2. 

(Or motorcycle club if we're unlucky!)

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I wouldn't claim for even 1 second it has the physics of a Forza or even a PGR certainly.


I got on with it, but it was something you got used to than loved straight off.


Port the FH3 physics engine straight into TDU's game and don't talk to me for at least 6 months.

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There's definitely space for a game where you drive around a real-world place, stopping and looking at junctions, reversing into the driveway of your sweet pad etc. I'd really like a rudimentary on-foot function so you can actually get in/out of your car, go indoors, walk round dealerships etc.


Of course, with FH doing Forza-quality handling in an open world, I'm dubious that the actual driving can be anywhere near that very high bar.

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