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Ducktales (2017) 'Woo-ooo!'


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11 hours ago, NEG said:

Starring David Tennant as Scrooge!


The Ducktor?


7 hours ago, Commander Jameson said:

Seriously. Is Duck Tales the BEST theme song?


And it's great in so many other languages too, unable to link but just search on YouTube. 

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9 hours ago, strider said:

So much wrong in this thread…


Yeah, right, I'm not having this. Theme song. You've posted up a theme tune. Even that gummi bears atrocity has words, and that voiceover one doesn't count. Ducktales et al are proper songs, done right.

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Wow, that's awesome. That probably makes him my favourite musician growing up and I never even knew his name. Looks like all of my childhood favourites are on that list including (that haven't been posted already)...




Ring Raiders



King Arthur and the Knights of Justice



Samurai Pizza Cats


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3 hours ago, declan said:

90% of people's best themes in this thread were written by the same dude. The Mozart of Saturday morning kids TV, Shuki Levy.

According to the Wikpedia list, Dragonball Z is on there. If he's in any way, shape or form responsible for 'Rock the Dragon', the sheer awfulness of it negates all of his good themes.

Truly one of the worst themes ever written -



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