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80s Overdrive - 3DS


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Not many arcade racers these day's but here's one worth looking at that's penned for a 2017 release.







At least 6 supercars of the '80s such as Penetrator GT, Intruder Turbo and De Loan.

Players will be able to upgrade engine, chassis and tyres to improve top speed, acceleration, handling and braking. Car can be also equipped with police radar and nitro boost.

Handcrafted, stereoscopic 3d pixel art graphics and retro-electronic music such as retrowave and chiptune.

8 completely different track themes.

Career mode in which players are competing against each other on various, point-to-point style tracks or do special missions. Players can be also chased by the police.

Time-attack mode (Outrun Mode) in which players are fighting against clock and try to get as far as they can until the time runs out.

Players can race on their own tracks. Tracks will be made by editing their parameters. This would generate the track code which can be shared with other players for example on Miiverse.

Old and New 3ds supported!




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Its out this week!

80's Overdrive (Insane Code, €9.99 / £8.99) - An OutRun-style racer with music by Vectorwolf, this certainly gives us a nostalgic feeling. There's a Career mode in which you can earn car upgrades, Time Attack, and even a built-in track generator for making your own courses that you can then share. We'll hit the accelerator and bring you a review soon.


Ill wait for reviews XD

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