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Yakuza 0


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The only negative I could imagine is that playing the battle system in 0 could make going back to either of the first 2 a struggle as it's evolved over the course of 10(?) games. Also the standard Yakuza rules about growing with the characters and feeling emotions because of your shared history apply.


But any Yakuza game is amazing. Always different, always the same.

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Absolutely day one for me as per usual with the Yakuza series :)  I'll drop everything to play a new Yakuza game the day it comes out.  Should be a good starting point as well and apparently it is for anyone wanting to try to get into the games.


3 hours ago, Larsen B said:

The only negative I could imagine is that playing the battle system in 0 could make going back to either of the first 2 a struggle as it's evolved over the course of 10(?) games. Also the standard Yakuza rules about growing with the characters and feeling emotions because of your shared history apply.


But any Yakuza game is amazing. Always different, always the same.


Kiwami, which is a remake of 1 is coming out this summer over here so shouldn't be a problem :)  Yakuza 6 has been confirmed for next year in the west too.  I'm thinking they'll maybe end up remaking 2 as well, it's considered the best in the series by many many Yakuza fans and it would bring the series fully away from the PS2 then as well.  Personally I'm hoping they do a Kiwami 2 (remake of 2) and then slightly spruce up and bring over 3 - 5 to the PS4.  But that's just wishful thinking on my part. 

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2 hours ago, Jonathan_Kerr said:

So is this or Kiwami supposed to be the best place to start?


I don't think it matters. Each game in the series is a stand alone entry. Yes, there are recurring characters and they do occasionally refer back to what happened in previous games, but it's definitely not a prerequisite to play in order.

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Thank you for all of the comments re cool to start with 0. Will play that and go through remake of 1 and then skip to 3 if 2 remake never appears!


Pre-ordered from Amazon just now for £37.99 with £2.00 prime discount

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Stolen from GAF - reviews are in and shocker - it is a great game - buy it!




Originally Posted by takoyaki 

Polygon 8/10

COGconnected 95/100

wccftech 9.4/10

Meristation 92/100 [French]

Giga 7/10 [German]

Originally Posted by Grim Patron 

Our review - http://www.indianvideogamer.com/revi...o-review/28285 

Also NDTV posted theirs. Same score. - http://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/review...review-1650569

Originally Posted by JJShadow 

Gamespot - 8/10


Originally Posted by raven777 

EGM - 5/10

Originally Posted by jmaine_ph 

Jimquisition - 9.5/10


Originally Posted by sarcoa 

I reviewed it at:

Digital Chumps: 9/10

I also wrote a different article about how I also think this game is a sendup to pro wrestling.

Originally Posted by get2sammyb 

Our review is live. 8/10.


Originally Posted by Levito 

Here is my review for RPG Site, it is an incredible game.

Originally Posted by B_Signal 

My review over at bitparade.co.uk 
9 Kazuma's out of 10

Originally Posted by Brew124 

My review at Level Down Games.


Game is phenomenal though. Everyone needs to play it.

Originally Posted by DukeBobby 

IGN - 8.5/10

Originally Posted by De-mon 

My review (Vandal): 8.5/10 (spanish)

Originally Posted by Azuardo 

Cubed3: 9/10

Yakuza 0's focus on refinement over ambition proved to be the right decision. This game features a very well-told story that's filled with an assortment of great characters and memorable moments. It's also a breakout moment for Goro Majima. He tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to characterisation, but here, Majima really comes into his own. The style select sub-system is a fantastic addition, because it allows for a level of flexibility that hasn't been seen in any of the previous entries. The expected massive amount of side content also benefits from an increased level of interdependency. Pursuing the multitude of amenities around town is rewarding in so many ways. This entry raises the bar for both the Yakuza series and action RPGs.

Originally Posted by FelipeMGM 

Here is mine (ReloadingBR, review in Portuguese). Gave it a 8.5/10

Its an amazing and really fun game. Story segments and cutscenes overstay sometimes and they use annoying fetch quest mechanics in a few occasions but that doesnt take away from how great the overall game is

Story and characters are amazing, and has an insane amount of content. Sidequest and activities are fun and well worked.

Originally Posted by Loudninja 

Playstation Universe 9.5

Destructoid 9/10

We Got This Covered 9/10

IGN Italia 9.0

Digitally Downloaded 5/5

Game Informer 9.3

Originally Posted by 8bit 

Ars Technica : Approved


The Good

An absurd world with equally bonkers characters.
New combat styles shake things up.
Wonderful presentation of a melodramatic crime drama.

The Bad

The main campaign is slightly tame for a Yakuza.
Might be too much watching and not enough playing for some.

The Ugly

Women are relegated to roles that involve being killed, kidnapped, or ogled in some mini-games.

Originally Posted by Hasney 

Easy Allies - 4/5


Originally Posted by Fenderman89 

Everyeye.it 8.8

Originally Posted by TehOh 

Here is my review - http://4colorrebellion.com/post/1560...gress-yakuza-0

It's awesome.

Originally Posted by SephLuis 

My review for everyone:


Basically, it's something everyone should try at least once because of how unique it is. Crime thriller story, absurd side quests, plenty of minigames, virtual tourism, there's something for everyone in here.

Originally Posted by Rymuth 

Playstation Lifestyle - 8.5/10


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I can't wait for this nonsense. 


I was getting bored of my PS4 a while ago, it had literally just become a once a week FIFA machine...MarioKart 8 came out so I jumped ship to the WIiU.  Fast forward a couple of years and we've got FFXV, Gravity Rush 2, The Last Guardian and this!  With Persona 5 out in a few months...my new shiny PS4 Slim is sat under my telly as I type. 

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Does anyone know how far ahead publishers send out retail copies? I know for previous Tuesday releases that CEX had copies for sale by the weekend. Whilst I expect them to have Resident Evil 7 available on Saturday at an inflated price I don't see them bothering to order in Yakuza 0, but I do have a couple of dodgy phone/game shops nearby. Just wondering if it's worth asking nicely tomorrow night?

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I really don't have time to get into this at the moment, if I don't play a game like this daily then I lose track of the plot quite easily and will likely never return.


I will, however, be buying it day 1 to support the localisation!

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28 minutes ago, Bazjam said:

Oh bugger, didn't realise this was out so soon. Can only afford one new game at the moment and am now torn between this and Gravity Rush 2.


No contest. Get this.


@Nosejam There are story recaps every two chapters, as you switch protagonists. And the story is a good deal less convoluted than previous games in the series anyway, since it's an origin story and starts with a much blanker canvas.

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