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Do you remember your first games for your new consoles?

T Pot

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SNES Street Fighter II

PlayStation Doom, X2, Pandemonium

N64 Goldeneye 

PlayStation 2 Timesplitters 

Xbox Splinter Cell and Halo

GameCube Luigi's Mansion

Xbox 360 Call of Duty 2

Wii Super Mario Galaxy

PlayStation 3 Dark Souls, Modnation Racers, Uncharted 1 and 2

PlayStation 4 Kill zone, Assassin's Creed Black Flag

Xbox One Forza Horizon 2

Wii U Mario Kart 8 and New Super Mario Bros Wii U 

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Being a massive nerd...of course I member!


Early 1990's - A present from my father: Sega Game Gear with Columns, Shinobi, a Master Gear converter and MS version of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Christmas 1993 - Sega Mega Drive 2 with Sonic 2, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi and Golden Axe (Mega Games 2) - 3 stone cold classics and Golden Axe!

Christmas 1995 - Sega Mega CD 2 with Road Avenger and Tomcat Alley. It was knackered out of the box. Took 4 weeks to get a replacement.

Sometime in 1996 - Sega Saturn with Fighting Vipers. Bought with paper round money (yes, it took ages, then about 18 months later smoke came out of it and it died)

Sometime in 1998 - Sony Playstation with Destruction Derby 2, Mario Andretti Racing and Tekken 2. I bought this with the money from the return of the broke saturn.

Sometime in 1999 - Neo Geo Pocket with Sonic Pocket Adventure,Metal Slug

Christmas 1999 - Dreamcast with Sonic Adventure, Worms Armageddon and Soul Calibur. The best christmas ever. The first time I had a new console close to launch. Soul Calibur the game I was least excited about (we loved Worms on PS1!) actually being the best and blowing my socks off.

Christmas 2001 - Modded Sega Nomad (my stepdad found this in CEX in birmingham, it was boxed and switched and he said later they only charged £40 for it - unbelievable)!

Sometime in 2002 - Game Boy Advance with Pac Man Collection

Sometime in 2002 - Xbox with Halo (the first major price cut, I think it was 199 with the game, and a DVD remote)

Sometime in 2003 - Gamecube with Resident Evil (second hand)

Sometime in 2003 - PS2 with Shinobi (second hand) - first game I bought with an actual wage from a 'proper job'

2005 - Xbox 360 Launch Day - Premium console with Perfect Dark Zero (looked great -played shyte, took it back for Call of Duty 2 - amazing!)

Sometime in 2006 - DS with Castlevania 

Sometime in 2008 - PSP with Silent Hill Origins 

2013 - PS3 with Killzone 2 & 3, Yakuza 3, and Modern Warfare 2 (second hand)

2013 - PS4 Launch Day - Gamer Pack with Killzone, Call of Duty Ghosts

2014 - PS Vita - No Games (Downloaded Uncharted from PS+)


I'm 31 so gaming has been a huge part of my life 


Got a pic of some of those original boxes, everything after has come and gone but I can't part with the Sega consoles. I was so sad when the Dreamcast failed and Sega exited the market.






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2 hours ago, Wiper said:

Edit: fucking hell, Kevvy really will neg me for anything :lol:


No, the neg was deployed because my god at those game comments. I find it infuriating that so many fantastic games are dismissed in such a conceited way. Truly the writings of an insufferable snob if ever their was any. Your taste sir, is fucking pungently rank. 

But we all know this, and you're entitled to carry on but don't expect it to get no reaction.   

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Blimey, let's see what I can remember!


Mega Drive: Sonic The Hedgehog and F22 Interceptor (my Dad liked his flight sims)


PlayStation: Colony Wars and Tomb Raider II (Technically Tomb Raider 1 as the staff put the wrong game in the bag, so we had to swap it the next day)


PlayStation 2: No games! I could only afford the console to start with so I could finally play all the demo disks I'd accumulated. I think Final Fantasy X was the first game I got for it.


Game Boy Advance SP: My first introduction to Link to the Past. :)


Xbox: Halo. Good times!


Gamecube: F-Zero GX, Metroid Prime (I think!) and a Game Boy Player.


DS: Mario 64 DS and Feel the Magic XY/XX


PSP: Virtua Tennis and Lumines


Xbox 360: PGR3, Perfect Dark Zero, King Kong, CoD 2, Condemned (The amount of games was mainly due to pre-order shenanigans and a forced bundle)


PS3: MGS 4 and something else I can't remember!


Wii: Twilight Princess, Red Steel, Wii Sports, Rayman Raving Rabbids


Vita: No idea! I think Everybody's Golf was one of the first games I played on it.


Wii U: Mario Kart 8 and probably something else


PS4: The Last of Us Remastered


Xbox One: Some random downloads. It sat doing nothing for a while before the Master Chief Collection came out.


New 3DS: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Majora's Mask


And here we are! Roll on March for the Switch launch. :)

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Game Boy: Tetris, natch. Bought Super Mario Land from Argos later that afternoon as well.

Super NES: Super Mario World. The sole reason why my brother and I wanted a Super NES.

Nintendo 64: Super Mario 64. Cost something ludicrous like £65, but seemed worth it.

Game Boy Color: Pokémon Blue, as a US import long before the craze hit the UK. 

Game Boy Advance: Mario Kart Super Circuit.

GameCube: Luigi's Mansion and Rogue Leader, sold as a bundle from Woolworths.

PS2: Was sold on discount at Sainsbury's without a game. Borrowed some games off a friend that weekend.

DS: nothing. Played only GBA games on the machine for the first few months of ownership. Upgraded to DS Lite as soon as it was released.

Wii: Wii Sports and Twilight Princess.

PS3: Riiiiiddggggeeee Racer 7, and two other games which I traded in immediately without even playing.

3DS: Ridge Racer 3D. Nothing else worthwhile was released with the machine at launch.

Wii U: Nintendo Land, but found it so terrible that went out and bought New Super Mario Bros U the next day.

PS Vita: nothing, it was bought on clearance from HMV with a non-functioning download code for a FIFA game in the box.

New 3DS: Majora's Mask.

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Probly missed a few out, borrowed dreamy's template.


Acorn - snapper

C64 - Last Ninja 2

Amiga - Shadow of the Beast

GB - Tetris

MD - Sonic

SNES - Marioworld

Jag - Doom

PSX - Ridge Racer (jp)

N64 - Turok

Saturn - Exhumed

GBA - Wario Ware

Gamecube - Rogue Leader

NGPC - Turf Masters


PS2 - Onimusha

Xbox - Halo

DS - Dawn of Sorrow

PSP - Ridge Racer (jp)

360 - PGR3

PS3 - Resistance

Wii - Wiisports & Twilight Princess

3DS - Mariokart 7

Vita - Lumines

WiiU - Mariokart

PS4 - COD Ghosts

Xbone - Halo Collection

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Let's see if I can remember them all 


Game Boy, Christmas 1991: Tetris (obviously), Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles Fall of the Foot Clan, Double Dragon. Had to ask for new batteries by the end of Christmas Day. 


Master System 2, Christmas 1991 with built in Alex Kidd in Miracle World plus Altered Beast, Double Dragon and Galaxy Force II. Had to wait a while to play these as we didn't have a TV in my home at the time so could only play at my grand parents' house. 


Super Nintendo, Christmas 1992 : Street Fighter 2. Took me 45 tries to beat M. Bison with Chun-Li first time I reached him. 


Playstation, Christmas 1995 : Tekken, Rayman, Worms. Was blown away the first time I did a throw in Tekken, especially considering it was the only 3D game in that line-up. 


Dreamcast, March 2001 : bought one cheap after Sega announced the end of production and snagged Marvel vs Capcom 2, Shenmue and Jet Set Radio. I didn't use the console that much (only bought three more games for it) but those three alone were worth it. 


Playstation 2, Christmas 2001: waited a year in order to have a decent line-up of games which meant I began with Devil May Cry, Silent Hill 2 and GTA 3. To this day this is probably my favorite Christmas gaming moment ever. 


Game Boy Advance, summer 2002 : purchased with some birthday money and with Final Fight One and Wario Land 4. The games were fine but I hated the console and its useless screen and never bought another GBA game until I got a DS. The only console purchase I ever regretted. 


Game Cube, Christmas 2002 : Resident Evil remake, Eternal Darkness, Rogue Squadron. This is a close second for great Christmas gaming. 


Nintendo DS, Christmas 2005 : Mario Kart (pack in), Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Advance Wars Dual Strike and FF IV for GBA. Got me back into portable gaming. Also got a DS Lite as a Christmas present two years later but the games I got this year weren't specifically for the console. 


Playstation Portable, birthday present 2006 : Exit was the one I got with the console which, while a nice game, wasn't the greatest showcase for the hardware. 


Playstation 3, birthday present 2007 : Motorstorm followed by Virtua Fighter 5 soon after. Looking back on it the console really didn't have the greatest of beginnings, to say the least. 


Playstation Vita, birthday present 2012 : Gravity Rush. Loved the console immediately and still do to this day. 


Nintendo 3DS, summer 2014 : bought on a whim with Zelda : A Link Between Worlds, which was great when I played it a year later. 


Playstation 4, Christmas 2014 : GTA V pack-in, Evil Within, Shadow of Mordor, Last of Us Remastered. Which again proves that it's always better to wait a while when the launch line-up is uninspiring. Though I still have to replay GTA, which I had already finished on PS3. 

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Spectrum - Pyjamarama. I actually completed this before I'd got my Spectrum as I'd bought it in a fit of excitement and played it round a mates house.


Commodore 64 - I honestly don't remember. I'd like to think it was Iridis Alpha or Batalyx.


Megadrive - Altered Beast. What a pile of crap.


SNES - Street Fighter II. I'd already played it on the Megadrive but traded that in for a SNES as the pads were way better for SFII.


Playstation - Resi and Wipeout. Mind blown.


Nintendo 64 - Mario 64 and Goldeneye. Best day ever.


Dreamcast - Soul Calibur. It became an obsession.


Playstation 2 - Timesplitters. Er...


Gamecube - Super Monkeyball. Charming.


Xbox - Halo. Glued to the disc drawer same as everyone else.


Xbox 360 - Gears of War. First game ever on my new HD TV. Mind blown again.


Playstation 3 - Resistance Fall of Man and Motorstorm. Loved them and because of the lack of other software played them to death.


Wii - Mario Galaxy. Best game since Mario 64.


Playstation 4 - Killzone. It came in the box.


Wii U - Mario Kart 8. Played solidly with friends around the country for months.

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Master System 2 - Sonic 1 built in

Mega Drive 1 - Sonic 1,2 and Mega Games 6

Game Boy Pocket (black) - Mario Land 2

Nintendo 64 - Mario 64

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure

Game Boy Colour - Wario Land 2

Game Boy Advance - Pokemon Gold

GameCube - Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Super Monkey Ball

Nintendo DS - Metroid Demo, Mario 64 DS, Polarium, Rub Rabbits

Game Boy Micro (green)  - Puzzle League & Doctor Mario combo cart

Xbox 360 - Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Ridge Racer 6, Geometry Wars (digital)

Playstation Portable - Ultimate Ghouls & Ghosts, Final Fantasy 1&2

Wii - Zelda Twilight Princess, Wario Ware Smooth Moves

PSVita - Lumines Electronic Symphony, Disgaea 3

PS3 Super Slim (Blue) - Chime Super Deluxe (digital), Metal Gear Solid full collection, Ridge Racer 7, Disgaea D2

3DS - Ridge Racer 3D, Tetris, Ambassador Program Nintendo Titles (digital)

Wii U - Nintendo Land

PS4 - Disgaea 4


Skipped most of the variants, DS Lite, GBA SP, 360 Slim etc. Didn't buy the Xbone with a game so didn't include it. I tried to go by bought order.


Yes. I really did skip the entirety of PSone and 2 (and the majority of the lifespan of 3) due to Sony being a major part of SEGA no longer being in the console business. PSP gave me a hug and told me it's all going to be okay.

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I've bought a lot of other systems but these were the ones I actually remember.


NES: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt and a broken Donkey Kong Classics cart

Mega Drive: Sonic the Hedgehog

SNES: Big bundle for my birthday, so... Star Fox, Super Mario World, Mario All Stars, Tiny Toons, Magical Quest, Striker, Super Smash TV, and first samurai.

PS1: Rollcage

Game Boy Color: Pokemon Red, Silver and Trading Card Game

Game Boy Advance: Star Wars Jedi Power Battles, a multi cart, and I think one other game.

Gamecube: Smash Bros Melee, Luigi's Mansion, Jedi Outcast, and Mario Party 4.

PS2: Pro Evo 2

DS: Metroid Prime Hunters Demo

Wii: Wii Sports

Xbox: Halo 2, Forza, PGR2, and Fable: LC

360: Fifa 09, Beautiful Katamari, Lost Odyssey

Wii U: Zombi U


Stuff like PSP, PS3, 3DS etc were stuff I picked up on the side and never got them in the same way I got the above stuff. 

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Acorn Electron: Dad brought home an Acorn Electron when I was 5, and the first games I ever remember playing were Chuckie Egg and Cylon Attack.


Game Boy: Tetris (obvs) had to last until I saved up the pocket money for another game. Then the next games would have been Super Mario Land and Double Dragon.


Amiga 500+: Cartoon Classics pack! That's Lemmings, Captain Planet and The SImpsons: Bart vs the Space Mutants. Then coverdisks kept me going for a while.


PlayStation: Must have been Alien Trilogy that attracted me to a PS1, then also Ridge Racer.


N64: Bought an N64 + Ocarina of Time, but had to wait for Dixons to get OoT back in stock, so in the meantime I played GoldenEye.


Game Boy Advance: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. Couldn't see shit! 


PlayStation 2: I came a little late to PS2 and it was my priority to play Grand Theft Auto III, then Vice City.


Xbox: I definitely got Halo, but I think I first played Deus Ex: Invisible War of all things.


Xbox 360: I waited until the first big game I was interested in, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Also PGR3.


PS4: I was eager to play The Last of Us Remastered because I never got to play PS3.


Xbox One: Although the PS4 was going to be my "main", I needed an Xbone for Rock Band 4 because all my DLC was from the Xbox 360 days. So it's my Rock Band 4 machine (but I also get to play the Forzas too).









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11 hours ago, Kevvy Metal said:


No, the neg was deployed because my god at those game comments. I find it infuriating that so many fantastic games are dismissed in such a conceited way. Truly the writings of an insufferable snob if ever their was any. Your taste sir, is fucking pungently rank. 

But we all know this, and you're entitled to carry on but don't expect it to get no reaction.   


My apologies for conceitedly describing my experiences of getting new consoles with games in a thread about experiences of getting new consoles with games. If I ever get conceited enough to describe somebody's differing tastes as 'pungently rank', or to search for my own username in threads I've previously read, I'll be sure to let you know so you can neg me some more! 

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Amazed at how much I remember. 


Spectrum - Colin the Cleaner. Had a tonne of games on a tape pack but this is the only one I remember. 

NES - SMB and Double Dragon

GB - Tetris and Super Mario Land

Game Gear - Columns and Batman Forever

SNES - Super Mario World and Mario Kart

Gameboy Colour - Tetris DX and Turok 2

Playstation - Destruction Derby and Fifa 94

Saturn - Athlete Kings and World Star Soccer

N64 - Mario 64 and Waverace

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure and Sega Rally Championship

Playstation 2 - Ridge Racer V and SSX

Gameboy Advance - F-Zero, Tony Hawk 2 and Super Mario Advance

Gamecube - Luigi's Mansion, Rogue Leader and Monkey Ball

Xbox - Halo, PGR, Rallisport Challenge and JSRF

Xbox 360 - PGR3, Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo

Nintendo DS - Mario 64, Warioware Touched and the Metroid Prime Hunters Demo

Playstation 3 - Motorstorm, Resistance and Ridge Racer 7

PSP - Everybodys Golf, Lumines, Wipeout and Ridge Racer

Wii - WiiSports, WiiPlay and Twilight Princess

3DS - Tom Clancy Ghost Recon : Shadow Wars, Ridge Racer 3D and Pilot Wings

WiiU - ZombieU, New super Mario and Nintendoland

VITA - Everybodys Golf and Uncharted

Xbox One - Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse

Playstation 4 - Killzone Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4 and Assassins Creed 4


Good Lord, I've spent a lot on this hobby. Bring on the Switch :) 


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1 minute ago, Protocol Penguin said:

I didn't list any of my computers, but then I can only remember wha games I got with my Amiga 500 (the Batman Pack). Also, it's not like my Macs have had any games on them, unless you count the inbuilt Chess.app. :lol: 


I was a big fan of the jigsaw puzzle in OS 7.5...

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Commodore 64 - Some 50 games on one tape, all of which were terrible, and International Soccer.

SNES - Street Fighter 2 and Super Kick Off.

Megadrive - Sonic the Hedgehog

Playstation - Actua Soccer, Actua Golf and Wipeout 2097.

N64 - Goldeneye and Zelda OOT

PS2 - SSX and Timesplitters. First time I ever bought a console at launch.

GBA - Advance Wars (only handheld I've ever owned)

Gamecube - Super Monkey Ball, Rogue Squadron, Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm

Xbox - Halo and Forza

PS3 - COD:MW and Uncharted

PS4 - Killzone: Shadow Fall (The third, but last time I ever buy at launch).


The best launch line up and experience for me was the Gamecube. In terms of software on day one and the price. I actually rate the PS2 as decent too, which most don't, as I loved SSX and Timesplitters.

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From what I can remember:

N64 - Super Mario 64. Maybe 1 or 2 more but this sticks out.

PS2 - Grand Theft Auto III. The memories... I think there was another game I can't remember.

GameCube - Super Monkey Ball and another 1 or 2.

Wii - Wii Sports obviously and the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

X360 - The Darkness - Bought this with my first paycheck at GForce and you were suppose to get Forza or something with it but the cashier gave me a choice of other games to pick, one of them being The Darkness and he sold me and my brother on it. Loved that game.

PS3 - Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Heavenly Sword

PS4 - FIFA 14

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Of the consoles I bought new, launch ones highlighted as obviously the choice was more restrictive!


SNES - Mario Allstars and Alladin

N64 (L) - Mario 64 and Shadow of the Empire

Gameboy Advance (Jap L)- F-Zero

Gamecube (Jap L)- Rogue Squadron, Luigi Mansion, Waverace (from lik sang)

Xbox - Project Gotham Racing, Panzer Dragoon Orta

Ps2 - Eyetoy Groove (I bought it to use as a Linux dev kit!)

DS - (Import pre UK launch, post Jap launch) Chokkan Hitofude (Polarium), Feel The Magic

Xbox 360 -(L)  PGR 3, Perfect Dark Zero

Wii (L)- Wii Sports, Wii Play, Monkey Ball, Zelda

PSP (L)- Lumines, Ridge Racer, Spiderman 2 (Comet bundle, Spiderman sold straight away)

Ps3 - Gran Turismo 5

PS Vita - Uncharted, Existing Ps Plus sub..!

3ds (L) - Pilot Wings, Ghost Reckon Shadow Wars, Ridge Racer

Wii U (L) - Mario, Nintendo Land

Ps4 (L)- Kill zone (sold after 3 weeks)


I think that's it..


Used consoles, who knows!








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Of the consoles I actually bought new:


NES - Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt

Mega Drive - Cool Spot, Cannon Fodder

PS1 - Destruction Derby 2, Resi 2

Dreamcast - Shenmue, Chu Chu


GBA - F-Zero, THSP2

Cube - Mario Sunshine

DS - Electroplankton, Yoshi Touch & Go


Loved every one.

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Atari 2600 - Space Invaders


Japanese Mega Drive and Super Monaco Grand Prix


Lost track since the, but I am 58 and still play games every day. I am a bit of COD fiend, racked 255,000 kills on MW1 when it first came out and now just over 19,000 on remastered.


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How the hell do you guys remember that far back?


Best I can do is 


Gauntlet on the Atari Lynx because I remember playing it when my mum wasn't home, I had almost completed it before i was actually given it for my birthday.


Mario Kart on N64 because I picked it up at midnight and didn't stop playing it until noon the next day, once the class As had worn off! 

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Yes, this will pass some time. I think my first PC is my favourite. It was a P166 with Windows 95. I got it all set up and chose my wallpaper and sound scheme etc., and then got the bus into town and Electronics Boutique. I bought Quake and Dungeon Keeper (which had just come out, so I guess it was 1997), got the bus back and installed them. As you can see, it's quite a story, but that was one bus ride of wild anticipation.


My Amiga was another triumph, I bought it off a friend and it came with boxes and boxes of games. I mainly wanted to play Stunt Car Racer and Speedball 2, but I had a fine time trying out all the disks, none of which had any boxes or instructions. Robocop, Robocod, Sensible Soccer, Zool, Exile, Turrican, Alien Breed, Another World, Pinball Dreams, Maniac Mansion, UFO, Lotus Turbo 2, Lemmings, Moonstone... they were all in there, and more besides. Long nights of wonder.


Dampest squib was probably the PS2, especially after the elaborate preorder system where they sent you books in the post. Fantavision and Dynasty Warriors 2, I think. DW2 was impressive in terms of spectacle, but as I recall I quickly traded my way through most of the launch line-up in the first few weeks. I feel like I must surely have bought Tekken Tag Tournament on launch, but I can't remember it. You get older and it all just crumbles away.


Xbox 360 is a close second-to-last, I think I just had PDZ and Amped 3 on launch day. I had fun picking it up with Mr. Spew, though (he kindly let me have one of his preordered packs, which he could easily have sold for a significant profit), and I had a great time with the music visualiser. Oh, and what was that free puzzle game you got on the hard drive? Hexic! That was good, definitely got the most play in the long run.

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Commodore 64 - Most likely a Commodore Format cover tape, but the first game I remember getting properly was World Class Leaderboard

NES - Super Mario 3

Gameboy - default answer Tetris, otherwise Kirby's Dream Land


N64 - WCW vs nWo: World Tour

Playstation - Formula One, the game that sold me on Playstation when I saw a race replay in the window of Game and wondered if it was even possible for games to look more realistic than that

PC - Championship Manager 97/98, it had a bug where it would reproduce the same regen so at one point I dominated the league with half my team named Guillhaume Brighenti

PS2 - Smuggler's Run. You could see the mountains in the distance and actually go there too!

PS3 - Motorstorm

DS - Tiger Woods

Wii - Wii Sports

3DS - Mario Kart 7

PS4 - Madden 25


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