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Do you remember your first games for your new consoles?

T Pot

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It's been very mixed for me as far as first games have gone. When I got my Atari ST I think the first game I played was Blood Money, not too bad from memory and I've actually recently watched someone play back through it on Youtube so can remember exactly what it's like. I wouldn't say it was amazing, but then having access to countless coppied games did it for me on that one.


On the SNES when I first got it, it was a similar scenario having owned a Wildcard attachment, however for the first few weeks I had to wait off for it to arrive and played what I had that came with the system itself. Starwing, another game which despite some people really enjoying at the time, I just though was alright not too bad but not amazing. I think it was because I never like flight games with polygons on the ST, however realising that it was more of an arcadey experience actually improved things when I did get to grips with it after playing a few times. Title's llike Mario and Zelda blew this one out of the water in comparison. I think a bit one for Starwing was that it never felt like it had enough depth on the SNES from what I can remember and was fairly anshort.


When I got my Sega Saturn, the first game I think I played may have been Sega Rally, which was cool, but not my sort of thing tbh, not enough to keep my attention for long. Looked amazing and the handling works well but again few levels and didn't catch my attention as someone who prefers Resident Evil, Doom or an RPG. In addition I'd hired Alien Trilogy to play on that Christmas day for the next couple of days and did actually like the look of it viually but it was hard as nails. I think I was blown away by some of the Demo's on the CD that I got with it though, with the likes of Exhumed and a game I never played but really really wanted to check out, Keo Flying Squadron 2. Night's demo was on there, and looked cool but to me was a bit confusing at the time. I think it took me a bit to understand what was going on but I'd have probably gotten into it had I ever got hold of the full game eventually. Other than this, I also bought Johny Bazookatone from my own money as it was one of the cheaper one's out there at a shop near me second hand. I possibly had this on Christmas day but I'm not too sure, but I was massively underwhelmed.


PS1 time, was Tekken 1 which came with the second hand console I picked up from my local game store. Classic game with enjoyment to an extent, but again like Sega Rally, not really the sort of thing I care for beyond a few games. The first game I bought was Suikoden which I'd had my eye on since before getting the system and knew nothng about it only seeing it in a video store round the corner. The RPG and graphics were what got me along with its name. I always think of that screen short of a windmill on the back whenever I think of this game. That was something special when I got it. FFVII was also just around the corner too and topped that for me, then I got it chipped and played so many insanely great titles. One of the best system's ever for me.


N64 - This hands down is the best one for a launch title because would you believe the game I first played was none other than the legendary Mario 64. I'd borrowed this from my uncle as in fact the system I bought came with Goldeneye which I'd only end up playing much later down the line, but Mario was nothing short of pefection. It was one of those I rinsed by getting everything. I was amazed by how smooth it all looked after playing a PS1 for several years. This was like around 2000 so it was a few years after launch.


PS2 - I never jumped on the PS2 bandwagon for years and didn't get one until about 2005, and even then the only reason I did end up with one was because my mum had bought one for the family to use. It was mainly my youngest sister using it at first because I was at uni until that year and then lived away in Liecester for another year. The first game I played wasn't actually mine so I won't include that but the first game I decided to buy back in summer 2005, knowing that I'd be coming back home and there'd be a PS2 waiting there was the first Dot Hack game. Really underwhelmed by the experience overall, although I did like the added touch of including an episode of an anime in there on a DVD with the game separately. It was way too short for an RPG and was obvious that they'd split what could have been a single game into 4 independent games. I liked the concept of the game but it was quite bland. It wasn't long that I'd end up getting Star Ocean as my second title and that sucked me in far far more becoming one of my favourite RPG's on the system.


PS3 - Once again I was well behind on the launch of this system being Oct 2011 when I picked one up based upon some news spread on Rllmuk in the bargain section about being able to pick one up and sell two coppies of Battlefield from Sainsbury's for about £72 netting you about 40% off the price. I got Fallout 3 and it sucked me in for the next three weeks where I somehow put about 100 hours into it.


PS4 - Ironically I only got this system weeks ago from here and the first thing I buy for it is none other than Fallout 4, wanting to replicate that same experience. Thanks to survival mode and great great perseverence, I'd found this has improved the whole journey as a whole, even though some of the memories of FO3 will be so memorable, FO4 has given me a different perspective when it comes to prepping and survival. I've put about 130 hours into this and don't feel anywhere near finished, yet I'm still happy to keep playing.


So there are my lifetime system's pretty much, not including a few handhelds and things.

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1 hour ago, wullie said:

Commodore 64 - Most likely a Commodore Format cover tape, but the first game I remember getting properly was World Class Leaderboard


Ah, if we're going way back then I can still remember my VIC-20 kick off. First, the bundled tape, which had Blitz - my mum's all-time favourite game, close call with Alex Kidd ("Jump, you little man!"). And then The Wizard and the Princess from Melbourne House, which I picked in the newsagent's with my mum. We chose it because, as the cover made clear, it was five games in one - and one of them was a 3D maze, the thought of which blew my tiny mind. And it wasn't bad, though it's probably bad now - it took me a good while to finish it, and it was a real accomplishment when I did. Lord knows I don't finish many games these days, so it's nice to think that I finished my first game, at least.


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I got my SNES with Street Fighter 2. My two older cousins and I had spent every possible minute of the last year at the newsagents next to my Nan's house in Wembley that inexplicably had a Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet. I can remember standing up on a plastic patio chair to reach the controls, quickly getting beaten by the current winner-stays-on champion and immediately rejoining the long line of kids that snaked outside the door to get another go. I had never seen or played anything like it and the thought of having the game to play at home, for free, whenever we wanted, with no lines or annoyingly good older kid to beat us easily every time was absolutely thrilling. 

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I'm sure I've done this before (probably in a retro thread), but it's something like this..


70's Pong/ Light gun knock off (only vague memories of this)

ZX81 with 3D Monster Maze, Chess & a Defender clone

Spectrum 48K+ with the demo tape that had that Breakout clone

Amiga 500 Simpsons pack

Gameboy with Tetris

SNES Mario Allstars pack & SSFII Turbo (first console bought myself)

PowerMac with demos (Dad bought it for himself)

N64 & Mario Kart

PS1 & Point Blank (wife bought this for herself to play Point Blank)

GBA with Mario Kart

PS2 with Crazy Taxi & Star Wars Starfighter

GC with Rogue Leader & Monkey Ball

Orginal Xbox with Halo & Midtown Madness

Wii & Wii Sports

Wii U & Nintendoland

PS3 with GTA V (given to us for the kids room)


Wish I still had some of the older stuff but only XBox, Wii/Wii U & PS3 remain, although I still have a few GC titles.  Son has also just got a 2DS so I can now play MK7.  I would get rid of the Xbox but my son still plays SW Battlefront 2 so that's staying for the moment.

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Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure and a keyboard/VMU to watch dial up porno.


Nintendo DS - My dad was on holiday in America when this came out months before the UK.  He brought me back a big fat grey DS with a copy of Mario 64.  Best launch console ever in that I had one well before the actual launch!  I was a very smug gamer for a while :)


Xbox - Bought it with Halo on day one.  Nuff said.


Xbox One - Bought with Dead Rising 3, Peggle 2 off marketplace and with Fifa 14 bundled in.  Class.


Nintendo Switch - More details to follow :)

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I knew I was getting a SNES for Christmas in 1992, and I was looking forward to playing Super Mario World so god damn much I was having recurring dreams about it - no wonder after obsessing over the screens in all the mags for what must have been the previous two years.


I unwrapped my game first, which turned out to be F-Zero. Fantastic! "This is going to be like the Japanese launch in my living room!" My eleven year old self thought.


So imagine my disgust when I unwrapped my console and it turned out to be the Super Scope pack. I honestly can't remember being as gutted as that since. It was one of those moments where I had to instantly 'grow up' and put on a happy face before I completely ruined everyone's Christmas. The Scope 6 game was absolutely shit, as well - even at that age I was quite the light-gun aficionado as those were the only games I'd play in the arcades outside of beat 'em ups.


The remainder of the day, outside of enjoying F-Zero, was spent trying to work out how I could raise the £50 for the relatively hard to find stand-alone SMW. The sad part is I never did get around to owning it until later on in life. I just stuck to renting it.

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My first game was on the Amstrad side of a Mega PC, and it involved manning an AA gun while paratroopers, aircraft and bombs attacked you. I don't remember the name but it was a lot of fun. We rented Mega Drive games for a long time before buying one.


After that: Goldeneye, Resident Evil 4, Project Gotham 4, Demon's Souls and uhhh SFV. Should have quit while the going was good.


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NES: Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt

SNES: Lemmings 

N64: Super Mario 64

Gameboy Color: Pokemon Red

Gameboy Advance: Denki Blocks

PS1: Gran Turismo

Dreamcast: Phantasy Star Online

PS2: GT3

DS: Super Mario 64 DS

DS Lite: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Wii: Zelda: Twilight Princess

3DS: Pilotwings Resort

360: Oblivion

Vita: Tearaway

Wii U: Lego City Undercover

PS4: The Last of Us

Xbone: Skyrim Special Edition


The only one I can't remember is the PSP, but I never got on with it because of the horrid analog slider.

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C64 - 300+ tapes! 

GB - Tetris, WWF Superstars 2, Super Mario Land 2.

NES - SMB, Turbo Racing, Super Off Road.

SNES - Mario All-star, Striker, SFII Turbo.

PS1 - Tekken.

N64 - Mario 64, ISS 64.

DC - Virtua Fighter 3Tb and no RGB! 

PS2 - RRV, Bouncer, SFEX3, ZoE.


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In approx order of owning. Not including console upgrades like GBA SP, DSlite, etc. Platforms are just a way of playing a particular game for me.

So many good memories brought to mind whilst making this list. Thanks!

Speccy - Horace Goes Skiing

Acorn Electron - Repton

Atari ST - Test Drive

PC - Doom

SNES - F-Zero & Pilotwings

GB - Tetris

GBC - Mario Golf

PS1 - Wipeout

GBA - Kuru Kuru Kururin & Mario Kart

GC - Super Monkey Ball

PS2 slim - Katamari Damacy

DC - Metropolis Street Racer


Wonderswan - Gunpey & Tetris

Pokemon Mini - Tetris

Nuon - T3K

Xbox - RalliSport Challenge 2

MD - Flicky

360 - Bioshock

PSP - Wipeout Pure

PS3 - Wipeout HD

DS - Polarium

Wii - Wii Sports & Excite Truck

3DS - Pilotwings Resort

Vita - TxK

Wii U - Nintendo Land

PS4 - Dirt Rally

Switch - Snipperclips

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BBC Micro - something called Sleighbells which I'm told I was terrified of and ran out of the room crying (I was 3, in my defence).

Atari ST - 9 Lives, Sim City, Final Fight, Escape From the Planet of The Robot Monsters (pack in bundle)

Amiga 1200 - Paradroid 90, Cool Croc Twins, some other piece of shit whose name escapes me... (no idea what was going on here, just a dodgy compilation the dealer bunged in with the base machine. Paradroid 90 was very good, mind. I had a shit load of pirated stuff within a week).

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure, Street Fighter Third Strike, Chu Chu Rocket (weird game bundle that one!)

Xbox - Halo, Jet Set Radio Future

Gamecube - Wind Waker

PS2 - Ico, Pro Evo 3

GBA SP - ? drawing a blank on this one

DS - ? again, no idea...

360 - Ridge Racer 6, Oblivion

PSP - ? again, at a loss

Wii U - New Super Mario Bros. Wii U, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD

3DS - Etrian Mystery Dungeon, Ocarina Of Time, Fire Emblem Awakenings

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Atari 2600 - Combat, Frogger and maybe Keystone Kapers

C64 - Attack of the Mutant Camels was one, can't remember the rest

Master System - Hang On, Choplifter

Amiga - Beach Volley, Chase HQ, Batman, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Ooze

Gameboy - Tetris, Super Mario Land

SNES - Super Mario World, Ultraman (traded in 24hours later for Super Tennis), F-Zero

Playstation - Olympic Soccer, Toshinden, Star Gladiator, Alien Trilogy, Die Hard Trilogy, Pandaemonium

Dreamcast - Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, Shenmue, Metropolis Street Racer, Virtua Fighter 3, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

PS2 - Gran Turismo 3, Crazy Taxi, Metal Gear Solid 2, Red Faction

Gamecube - Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash

PSP - Pro Evolution Soccer 5, Grand Theft Auto : Liberty City Stories

XBOX 360 - Dead Rising, Gears of War, Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Burnout Revenge, Tony Hawk's Project 8

PS3 - Ratchet & Clank : Tools of Destruction, Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Resistance : Fall of Man

DS - Cannot remember at all!

Wii - Wii Sports Resort, Mario Kart Wii, Super Smash Brothers Brawl

PS4 - Call of Duty : Ghosts, Battlefield 4, Killzone : Shadow Fall, Need For Speed Rivals, Fifa 14 (the last two I got from my sister who worked at EA at the time)

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Can't 'member them all, but here's a few:


SNES - Actraiser (lad in the shop recommended it to mum & dad when they bought the console for Christmas, gawd bless the lad in the shop, and mum and dad for listening)

Gamecube - The Wind Waker


DS - Nintendogs

3DS - New Super Mario Bros 2

Wii - Twilight Princess

Xbox 360 - Bioshock

PS3 - Uncharted

PS4 - Assassin's Creed Black Flag


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On 19/01/2017 at 21:08, Stevedave said:



I think I played 20 hours straight. Good times!


Snap. Loved that game collection, loved that console. Weirdly, All Stars is the only non-Kart Mario game I've ever owned or played.


The only other one that sticks in mind is getting Gran Turismo 3 with my ps2. It was basically the only game I played in it for about a year. I had others, but I was obsessed with GT3.

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