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Ultra Street Fighter II High-payer Fighting


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Revealed during the Nintendo Switch presentation. Here's Capcom's blog announcement:




They don't explicitly mention any other platforms but I'm sure it'll be coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well.


You can switch (haha yeah!) between HD and Classic art (unlike HD Remix on PS360 the backgrounds also change to the classic art so there's no jarring clash of styles), there will be new single and multiplayer modes (including Dramatic Battle style 2 on 1 fights) plus Evil Ryu and Violent Ken have been added as new characters.


It's one of the games playable at today's Switch events. Capcom's Yoshinori Ono will be demoing it today during Nintendo's Treehouse stream.










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38 minutes ago, VN1X said:

And full priced!



(got to have some doom and gloom in a Switch thread)


Full price seems to be $50+, so not quite.


Still, they'd never get away with that sort of pricing on a Sony console. Expectations are different and options are far greater.

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43 minutes ago, Brother Tendo said:

Violent Ken sounds like a bloke who got kicked out of the army for gross misconduct and now makes ends meet by selling stolen aftershave in a grotty pub.


"Ah shit, here comes Violent Ken."


Reminded me of Bottom's legendary "Sad Ken". Perhaps they're a double act. :)

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Violent Ken is Ken after Bison's "Psycho Drive" brainwashed him. He's called Brainwashed Ken in Japan. He was playable in SNK's SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos.


During the switch presentation, when it shows multiple games in a grid, you see Violent Ken perform a Ragin Demon attack on Akuma (who teleports away).


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Might depend on whether it's released in Japan at the same time as other territories.  IIRC HD Remix either wasn't released in Japan or was released waaaaaaay later, they never really took to it, and in the end everyone (i.e. US and Japan) stuck to Super Turbo as the tournament standard.


I wonder if the movelist will be updated, and if so updated from Super Turbo or HD Remix, or if not if the movelist is from Super Turbo or HD Remix.


Either way, I might have to dig out the old tactic book scans for Super Turbo again...

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Am I the only person actually happy that a 20 year old game is getting some new love this long after release? Sure, it would have been easy to just release the same thing yet again, and while the price may well be a huge sticking point BECAUSE FUCKING CAPCOM, if this paves the way for some other tweaks to classic games, then I'm all for it.

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7 minutes ago, VN1X said:

I really like the look of that but damn... surely that doesn't need to be a full priced title?


Oh well, I'll definitely get it at some point. Probably second hand or during a sale...


The price hasn't been confirmed outside of Japan. I'll be getting it digitally for sure. I hope it's near launch.


I want to know what the additional modes are and what game play tweaks aerial added.

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46 minutes ago, joffocakes said:

The speed? Really? I caught a glimpse of Violent Ken walking and it looked faster than I remember, if anything.


Nope.  It's clearly slower than Super Turbo and HD Remix.  But I'm not doubting it won't come with adjustable speed, IIRC HD Remix did.

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