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Ultra Street Fighter II High-payer Fighting


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2 hours ago, Smoothy said:

The double-air-fireball-throwing no-dizzy Akuma has been there since Super Street Fighter II Turbo, that's what has since been called Shin Akuma (he wasn't named in the game itself, while the name Akuma came out later on).  You could play as him with a code in the same game too, but with no double-air-fireball throwing ability- this version of character is what has since been called just "Akuma".


To me you were playing "Shin Akuma" the other times too.


EDIT: Watch 13:50 onwards

I think you are right.


I have just looked into it some more and it seems that the Akuma on the regular select screen is a weaker, "normal" version that obviously wasn't selectable in OG SFII variants. When you use the select screen trick to play as the version actually labelled "Shin Akuma", you are selecting the boss version.


What confused me is that I only saw Akuma appear in the purple gi once during all the times I have faced him in arcade thus far so I thought this was something, since when you play as Shin Akuma in Alpha 3 his default colour is the same purple/pink outfit.


Also a bit annoying that you have to keep entering the select screen code every time you want to play as Shin Akuma. Bin that random select thing off and just put him there!

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