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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - DLC Wave 3 Out December 7th.


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  • Sarlaccfood changed the title to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - DLC Wave 3 Out December 7th.

MKT is Ninetdo's second highest earner. $293m over three years. Compared to the $1bn generated by Fire Emblem it's not massive but it's a decent chunk of change. TBH I still think porting the MKT tracks to 8 is a shortcut (loathe to use 'lazy' but...), the fact they're still supporting a game 8 years after its initial release is pretty ace. Still think Mario Kart 9 will be Nintendos first real foray into console live service game country* because, despite it's flaws, there's a lot to like about the structure of Mario Kart Tour.

*Someone correct me. Has there been anything on a Nintendo console from Nintendo that's like the Fortnites and Overwatch 2s of this world in terms of content delivery? I'ts very early.

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Not really. I more mean the notion of 'seasons' and paid for cosmetics. Splatoon 3 has a battle pass of sorts, without the need to pay. I dunno. The whole thing seems so anti-Nintendo, but they're a strange beast. They've never really marched to anyone's drum. I'm certain they're going to do something along those lines at some point. Mario Kart seems a good bet to do it with due to the abundance of legacy content.

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