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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - New Tracks Released!


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1 hour ago, g wings said:


Just had a quick try. They are tiny and they certainly make playing far less accurate. Although I've not previously tried motion control so asu,e both are not as good as 'standard' controls. But, the kids love them...


Preorder cancelled!

13 minutes ago, VN1X said:

Neighbours still not home. And considering they're still moving in I highly doubt anyone will be back soon. Curses!


Guess I'll play some boring Zelda this evening instead. :(



Remember that bit in Zelda where Link blows up things in the way of the treasure?

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Started out practicing in 50cc, did the Shroom and Flower cup but was too slow and easy - finishing each race about a lap ahead of 2nd place. 


Jumped to 150cc for Star Cup which was more tense/frustrating and each race was won at the last second. 


Not ready for 200cc or online yet.


Mount Wario makes me long for a new Snowboard Kids game :wub:



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29 minutes ago, Delargey said:

If I want to play this spilt screen round my friends do I just need to bring my joycons? 

Just the set that comes with the console. I'd recommend the wee doofers that slide along the top though.


its superb 

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4 minutes ago, DC07 said:

I just had my first taste of RLLMUK action. If you could ban the top three, that would be smashing.




I recognise half of those folk as Scottish videogames-twitter people.


I've not had a chance to play with friends online yet. I'm looking forward to playing looooaaaads. 

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3 minutes ago, daifuco said:

Is it posible 4 players split screen on handheld mode? Is it enjoyable?

That could push me to buy another pair of joycon (if they are fixed).


Maximum 2.


Does anyone know if it's possible to have 4 player split screen on a Switch in TV mode, but also connect to a couple of other Switches over LAN?

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3 minutes ago, Bojangle said:


This is so fucking good! Even the girlfriend is well into it! (Her first Mario Kart!)


Mine too. Haven't been able to get her playing Snipperclips or 1-2-Switch but the kids were playing this with the wheels and she casually asked for a go. Couldn't then get her off it!

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3 minutes ago, simms said:

Gone online a couple of times to do a random race.  Am I at a disadvantage by turning off assisted steering as everyone's else Is likely have it on by default?


You're at a disadvantage with it on since you lose access to the pink boost. I've no idea what it's impact is in on offroad-shortcuts.

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