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Formula One - 2017 Season


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6 hours ago, myoozikk said:

Lady Luck finally shows Lewis some love.


pole & Seb at the back of the grid. After last week that’s awesome for his championship chances, gonna enjoy seeing Seb battle through tomorrow though for sure. Sure he’ll end up with a chunk of points.


As opposed to the last race, where Lady Luck was notoriously absent?!

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7 minutes ago, mexos said:


Or, you know why don't we just have a race for the lead for once.


It would be nice to see him and Vettel both race from the back, that’d be pretty good to watch. Looks like red bull are doing bloody well! What’s happened to the mercs?


And where’s the shot of Kimi and a choc ice??

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6 minutes ago, MrPogo said:

What happened to Kimi? Only switched on 30 seconds before the start. The cynic in me is tempted to believe "we'll chuck away a potential win to guarantee Seb an extra place".


Absolutely not, you'd want to take points away from Hamilton. You'd want to keep him off the podium where the big points are by having a Ferrari and x2 RB there.

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3 minutes ago, ryodi said:

I'm surprised by how bad Mercedes race pace has been. If Ferrari hadn't had any problems he probably wouldn't even be challenging for a podium.


I'm... er... kind of anticipating Mercedes' race pace might be a recurring story for the rest of the year.

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