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Formula One - 2017 Season


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New Mclaren and Merc have leaked. 


Merc - who haven't really bothered to conceal it running at Silverstone.





Nice but a bit dull.



And the Mclaren. This one is a proper lol. I feel for the guys who let this slip! Wind lol.






Hmm.. actually having said that the Mclaren COULD be a 'shop. I'm suspicious.

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The Fezza has dropped the Alfa logos, but retained a cloverleaf.. 

Halo looks shit but I guess I don't need to repeat that, it'll make a change from moans about small capacity engines and noise of nothing else. 

The Haas hides it well against the black background, if only race tracks were black backgrounds! 

Merc looks super skinny, though it's hard to tell with the camera angles on other cars I suppose. 


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