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RPL Athletic - Season 36


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And the final game of the season is here guys :) (Excluding any end of season cup of course)


Thanks to those who have consistently turned up (so not including @Alison94 and @Buchy87 where you both been? ^_^ Not that we have missed 'Offside Alison' anyways.....)


@KriessG & @Actualbigbloke thanks for being about for practice sessions, you've been the most reliable team members.


@Cleggertron you have been pretty good too when it comes to practice and have had a very good first season :) I'd be happy playing on the same side as you anytime.


It would be good to get the majority of people on for the games this evening ^_^ I'm not too fussed on positions for this week as we are only playing for bragging rights (hopefully to be the only team to beat the mighty Town side this season). So just slot in where you are comfortable.


I'm going to be about at half 8ish for practice but I won't be staying about afterwards (up early tomorrow).


@Sladey19 just go and 'visit' gooner4life and either play at his house or just 'accidentally' walk out with one of his ps4's. You might be able to take it back before he realises it :D


Above all thanks for the season, and look forward to seeing you guys next season, whether its in the same colour shirt or not :D 


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Who's about tonight then? ^_^ We're just gonna chill this evening so just jump into positions your happy in :) 


Not sure what time I will be about yet as i'm out. I'll aim for 9 / half 9 though so that we can get a game or 2 in beforehand.


Is anyone else willing to take any for the evening so that @Actualbigbloke can come further up the field for a change? If not then I'll give it a shot ^_^ 

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It's been great playing with you guys, namely those that have turned up most weeks & done some praccy sessions :)@Sladey19 your such a let down, I played any in the end and we picked up a win and a draw (the 2 games could have gone either way in all fairness) but you missed out on some good games ^_^


Anyways yeah thank you to those who have been consistently about and whether or not we are on the same side next season I'm always open to some random sessions with you guys :) 

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