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Destiny 2: Season of the Seraph. More Rasputin, new Dungeon.

Uncle Mike

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God I love a new Destiny content drop, let alone brand new game. You can't beat that early level progression when you actually feel like you are getting more and more powerful (and better looking!) all the time. 


I've really enjoyed this so far having started on Saturday night. The campaign was solid (and a lot easier to follow than D1) with some nice fan service moments and some cracking new locations. I've actually found the adventures to be pretty good too - some of them are surprisingly long and well thought out, including some interesting nuggets/teasers of lore info (one mentions a character not yet seen but well known in the Destiny universe for instance). Would definitely recommend that everyone gives them a go.


I've not really felt the grind yet either as there is so much still to do (I'm level 267 I think. Haven't actually equipped my best gear yet - another quality of life improvement). How long that last we will see, but with things like faction rally at the end of the month I'm hoping we are in for lots of regular updates that keep it feeling fresh up to the expansion. 


PvP is more of a mixed bag. Enjoying facing off against some new guardians and have had some lovely clutch moments in survival as a result. I like that game mode but really am not into countdown at all yet. I also wish it wasn't all 4's - that's going to make the break off from things like raiding or strikes a bit tricky in future when PvP will no doubt take up more of my time. We'll see. 


Eager to get back on later tonight to be raid ready for tomorrow. So much to do...


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5 minutes ago, Mr Ben said:

Indeed. Gorf has barely slept though. He's probably catching 40 winks during the downtime :lol:


When I left him this afternoon he was mumbling incoherently about 'the Traveller taking his biscuits' Eris Morn slashfic and working out the equations for which fizzy pop bottle holds the most urine, to limit the amount of time he'd have to leave his seat.


It was heartbreaking.  

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