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RiftStar Raiders (co-op twin-stick loot-em-up)

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I'm the polar opposite in that I'm rooted in my 80s-90s C64 magazine-reading ways and call everything from Space Invaders to Dodonpachi a "shoot 'em up". :blah:


Anyway, it looks like it has some physicsy-inertia-based fun, which could be good. :) 

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4 hours ago, clippa said:

Also available for xbone and pc if you want to update the tags.


edit: I was going to bight my tongue but I'm not too happy with "shmup". Technically it is a sub-genre of shoot em ups but people tend to say "twin stick shooter" or "top down shooter" when describing games like this, don't they?


Am I wrong?


Happy? ;):)


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