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New issue out next Thursday (and yes, we've messed up the spelling of Uridium 2 :( )


The Making Of A Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Ultimate Guide: Alien Storm

Pushing The Limits: Savage

Top 20 Apple II Games

History Of Iron Soldier

Making Of Uridium II

Classic Moments: Rolling Thunder

Making Of Bubsy 3D

Archives: Bubble Bus Software

Future Classic: Viva Pinata

Minority Report: Mega Drive

Desert Island Disks: Bob Smith

Making Of Black

Retro Revival: Bactron

Retro Revival: Autoduel

Retroinspection: Action Max



Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 13.10.34.png

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First issue I have bought for a few years as I have subbed again, but what a really nice piece of work it is. Very impressed. I was 21 when ALTTP came out, and remember being ill over christmas so played it to death from my bed, it was my present from my parents. Then I let my idiot brother have a go on the SNES, and he overwrote my save game. Still sore about it 24 years later.


But a shoutout to @strider for a really nice looking magazine that I don't believe would be done justice as a digital edition, it just shouts itself out as a paper only publication and is obviously put together with passion and care (the odd spelling mistake not withstanding). 

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