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22 hours ago, Boothjan said:


Thirded.  Lovely game.

Fourthded! Loved it.


Anyone played Kill it With Fire?!

Big nope from me, but my daughter is excited for it.

Reminds me of an old C64 game I played as a kid, it was on a cover tape with Zzap64 I think. I honestly felt sick after playing it for 5 mins. I’m not a fan of spiders!




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13 hours ago, Isaac said:

Total War: Warhammer 3 is launching day one (please don't quibble tiresome Forza people) on game pass:



That’s fantastic news! I have the first one but barely played it as my PC at the time wasn’t great, then it slipped into the void aka Steam backlog. I was also put off by the limited selection of playable races. As a kid I had a large Skaven army (I think they were in the second game?).


I’ll be here day one for this!

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I have really been enjoying Echo Generation the past week. It's appeared out of nowhere for me and instantly hooked me in. I love the whole 90's vibe and it succeeds by having a retro aesthetic without looking shit. It's Final Fantasy 7 by way of Earthbound but manages to have it's own identity and bags of charm. The only negative is the occasional difficulty spike but a little perseverance goes a long way. 

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It's clearly going to be the surprise announcement and immediate release of a new sequel to the orangest game of all time, Rez.




(which as an added bonus, sort of counts as 'Dreamcast stuff')

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