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When I saw the animal animation it cracked me up and drew my attention then it blew my mind. And I'm not even high. Staggering trailer; I'm not sure how the game can live up to it but I'm interested to find out. 

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6 minutes ago, Wiper said:

 It feels like a game twinned in spirit with some of the more out there titles on the early home computers, the narration an audio-tape pack in on top of a particularly esoteric oddity of a game put out by a particularly focussed lone developer.


When I saw the abstract presentation and heard the commentary track I was reminded of Deus Ex Machina...

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22 minutes ago, Hardbattle said:

I didn't realise that this worked on PSVR  - has anybody tried it yet?


They did, and now they're dead.

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28 minutes ago, Hardbattle said:


On Reddit there seems to be some confusion as to whether or not it is....


Unlike Reddit to sow seeds of confusion amongst themselves.

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So - is anyone playing this?


It's amazing. I can't remember the last game that managed to blow my mind, make me feel this emotional, make me laugh, make me excited...all in the space of the first mins. At one point I almost teared up.


It's a wonderful experience. We're just tiny specs on this planet. But we're also giant, slow colossi. Even the tiniest of particles are bigger than galaxies. 


It's all relative.


It makes me think of Katamari Damacy actually, I've always had a thing for sense of scale which I can't quite describe. I think the thing that always makes my jaw drop in awe is the concept of size, being in an aeroplane, managing to see the shape of the UK and recognise the shape from the map - a real visual confirmation that the map is correct. Things being far away, and seeming tiny, but towering above you. 


If you feel that way at all, this game creates that. It's also an encyclopedia of sorts.


I imagine if I took LSD and played this game, I'd probably die - but I'd probably die at peace with the world, as I folded in on myself and became an abstract shape.


TL;DR: buy this game.

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I think it's brilliant. It's an excellent chill out experience, especially if you enjoy hearing eloquent talks on philosophy and pondering existentialism. 


It's even less of a 'game' than Rapture, but I still dip into it every-so-often. It's pretty good on drugs, too.

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