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Polybius. Jeff Minter's new game


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What part of "oh my god it's his best work yet" is the complicated part ;)


All my impressions are from in VR so with that in mind.


1. The sense of scale is immense.

2. It's slick as fuck

3. It's fast as fuck but still with that controlability you get from a well designed Minter game

4. It sounds great. Amazing OST and exactly what you'd expect from teh SFX.

5. There are definite subtleties to it.


Best game in VR. better than Rez.


Here's more





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Yeah, this is a Minter game alright. Early impressions:


Super comfortable in VR. Played for about an hour with no nausea. It's obviously has some quite open environments which I think help.


Definitely feels closer to Space Giraffe than Tempest/TxK. We are back to feeling your way around environments particularly when the game gathers speed.


Seemed to score quite well, but nuance and understanding how to play it properly is probably going to take some time. It's a pretty obtuse game. Figured out I should be looking out for the Yellow Cubes in the far distance in order to know where the jumps will be.


Like the Amiga demo scene asthetic mixed with old school arcade game imagery - had to laugh when I saw that power ups are pills this time!

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