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Polybius. Jeff Minter's new game


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39 minutes ago, parrapatheslapper said:

Did TxK ever get the VR treatment on PSVR ?


It was Tempest 4000, and no, Minter programmed it in but Atari removed it as they didn't want to go through PSVR approval requirements.

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  • 9 months later...

Anyone played the PC version of this?


Seems to run slowly on my PC for some reason like playing in treacle.... My graphics card is ancient through (GTX970) so I expect that might be the limiting factor here. Would have thought it would have least ran as well or better than the PSVR version.... 



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Update if anyone else is having issues with Rift S and this game!


Now working at full tilt and controls are now working... seems I just needed to download the "beta" version from the properties tab for the game!

(the one that is listed "beta - VIVE/WMR").

Steam will download this and all will be good! 

It was as if the gates were not working previously...man this thing is fast... Anyone looking for a fun blaster in VR should give this a shot... it's £6 on Steam too so something of a bargain! :) 

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