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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Add your tag to the list in the OP


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The "look over" mechanic is way overpowered in third person yeah- also lie on a roof or balcony and you can peer over with the camera even directly down over the wall while you are still lying next to it making any stealthy approach out of the question.

First person helps balance things a lot. Having a limited ALT look is fine as you can look around while running forwards although your 360 Owl-Neck ability when you are sat in a vehicle is probably an oversight ;)


It adds to the game too late on as lying in the foliage really limits your view, and shuffling round to see behind rather than merely panning the camera brings home the sense of vulnerability so adds an interesting trade off- kneel and be able to see and turn faster? But you become much more visible..

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4 minutes ago, cavalcade said:

Just started playing this and I love it. I assume to play Duo mode with someone on another PC in the same house we each need our own Steam account and key?



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8 hours ago, artz said:

This seems loads harder as a team than in solo. I think because it's hard to be patient if there's more than one of you.


It's actually much easier in teams purely because you're not just sitting around waiting for stuff to happen. You can set up ambushes, you can lay traps, send one guy out as bait and then flank the other team. Spot a lone dude on a ridge somewhere? Everybody lines up a shot and BOOM, down he goes. Squads and Duos are just a whole load more fun than the Solo game as well. Much more room for hijinx and dumb shit.

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All of the gamescon crate gear can be sold on the steam market as of last night.


I had bought 4 keys when they launched because I've put so much time into the game and don't really mind giving them a bit of extra money.


Last night I opened my second crate and got a second pair of white school trousers. I checked the market and listed them for a whopping 20p.


I then noticed the keys you can buy for $2.50 were listed at £6.55. I decided to list the two I had left over at that price thinking they probably wouldn't sell, but moments later I noticed I had an extra £11 in my steam wallet. 


Not entirely sure what that's all about but I'm not going to complain.

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50 minutes ago, Gizamaluke said:

Is that on the rllmuk channel? Think I'm on that already. Will log in later.


25 minutes ago, Scruff said:

No, separate channel. Best ask @Sie for an invite because I'm stoopid and don't know how to do it.


Have PMd an invite link to you Gizamaluke.

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Urgh. doing really well controlling the red mist when I see other players and then yesterday, in a squad with @spork and a couple of others and I go and get us wiped out with my stupidity :( 


On the way to the zone, OK equipped, 30 odd people left and when driving I see a car pull out in front of us. I instantly want them dead so chase them down and try to ram them when they stop and all jump out. We got a couple of them but the whole squad was wiped. I had to log off quickly afterwards as I was absolutely livid with myself.


And so the hunt for a FPP chicken dinner continues.

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