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GTA Online?

Guest Penguin_Lad

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Guest Penguin_Lad

From Aardvark Swift:

"Job Description:

Currently recruiting for a Scottish developer with a great team behind them, that has a tremendous history of creating some of the world's best selling games. They strongly believe that the future lies in massively multiplayer on-line gaming and have an innovative concept and unique technology that will deliver new possibilities."


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'Kill the peds'

A small section of town, a monster truck and 16 players. Who ever gets in the truck has to run down as many people as they can. The people have to leg it from it or try and get the player conrtolling the monster truck to fall into water, hit mines etc.

Once the truck has been destroyed it respawns somewhere randomly. ten minute game, who ever kills the most wins!

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Just what I thought. It would be too chaotic.

BTW, feeling better, Cyh?

.::: Yes, although I would still like another human being to suck out my nostrils.

Back on-topic;

GTA Online might work in a heavy clan/gang structure. It's impossible for moderators an game masters to maintain order in such a game, so the players need to regulate it themselves. Giving them the reigns of pwoer themselves should partly solve the problem.

Although it raises other questions and problems of course.

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