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Xbox 360 Appreciation Thread


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18 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:


Ah. I've only done it for a modded 360, I think. 


What size drive are you after? I think I have a couple of spares knocking about that you could have.  I think they're all pretty small. 


Ah thanks - I did have (I think) a 120gb which failed, upgraded to a 250gb which is the one which has now died....ideally trying to get one that big again. 120gb/ 250gb actually seem small now :)

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  • 2 months later...

Well I had a clear out last year and got rid of my 360 S and the last few games I had for it. 


So I realised this was now a mistake so just picked another up... :D Nice thing is that this one comes boxed with 7 games. Mostly racers and more importantly two of my favourite racers. Project Gotham Racing 3 and 4! :) Result. Cost me the princely sum of £50 and its the last one MS released the "E" 500GB version. Hardly being used apparently and spent most of the time boxed in the cupboard for when the grandkids popped over for the odd weekend. Fantasic.

This time I need to hold onto it. Even if it is just a PGR playing machine....

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13 minutes ago, Ninja Doctor said:



:) Think Outrun 2 was BC on the 360. Another game I sold a couple of years ago when I had my retro tidy up! :)


Don't regret doing it but the Xbox 360 and the Wii are the only two retro consoles I want now. Have a mini SNES and mini NES. :) 


I think onpar the 360 is my favourite console I've owned. The pad, the online system. Just lots of games I enjoyed playing on it from old school arcade games to new wave arcade style games.


Miss playing arcade racers. Not many around these days it would seem.....Can't wait to pick it up on Monday! :) I'm more exited about playing PGR4 again than I am powering up my Series X and playing on that. Shame PGR series was never made backwards compatible really. Look forward to working through the career mode again....

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3 hours ago, Vimster said:

PGR 4 is superb, tons of variety, it's everything great about PGR 2 bumped up to HD. Granted, my driving skills tend to get me a wooden medal but there's something addictive about it. 

Absolutely. For me the finest arcade racing game ever made. City circuits, track circuits, great selection of cars fantastic sound. I mean how many car games have you racing around the 'Ring in a Masarati 250F in the snow?  

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2 hours ago, Dudley said:

PGR4 suffered from the same thing as PGR3 did, the move to delete any car that couldn't do 170mph, which really didn't help the sense of progression in an otherwise superb game.

Don't know. Lancia Integrale and Sierra Cosworth was in there out of memory. As well as other iconic classics, Masarati 250F for example. So 4 was much more diverse and for me the peak of the seires. Well other than the inclusion of motorbikes! Agree about PGR3 though still a great game but much preferred 2 and 4. 2 was my first time playing online on a racing game. Loved the experience has many great nights of fun racing on that. 

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3 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

I always feel the need to revisit PGR, not least because I always think I should like everything Bizarre Creations did, but it just never clicked. Going to try it again. Some day. 


Is it worth trying with a wheel? 

Never tried it with a wheel. Leaning more to the arcade side of driving always felt good on a pad.

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Well picked up my new to me 360 today!


It's a 500GB E model probably one of the last 360 variants made and this one rolled out of the factory in August 2015. I didn't even realise that made them this late!!! It's in good shape, boxed etc. All had light use with an additional wired "afterglow" pad.


Games I inherited with it:-


Race Pro (Atari). Looks OK think I played it briefly back in the day 


PGR3 - Played this to death on my launch console back it the day. Not as good as 4 


PGR4 - Nice. Main reason for getting this. All in good condition with manual etc. Looking forward to playing this again. My favourite of the series 


Sega Rally - This isn't too had I actually liked the deformable terrain on this. Good game unfortunately overlooked at the time.


Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. Just got the remaster of this on the PC and really enjoying it. Probably won't play this will have a look see how it plays. Think it will probably be 30FPS though and I've been spoilt with 60FPS on the PC.


Sonic Unleashed - Never seen this so will give it a quick try.


2014 Brazil World cup. Football game enough said. Will be gone  :)


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Don't think I played this one. Will have a play probably. I'll see if it's BC and probably play on a newer console if it is.


So not bad for £50 really. Certainly be getting some use during lockdown as a PGR4 machine. Also looking at picking up Outrun 2 as it is BC with this too. Although think that will also work in the Xbox One. Never did but the arcade version of Outrun on the Xbox. :(


I also have a list of 360 games on my account so will have a look through those too see if there is some that aren't BC on the Xbox One.

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